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One Nation Under Capital

America is controlled by a cartel of business interests dedicated to augmenting their wealth, evermore competing on a global scale, but all operating in the overriding interest of the capital of the nation as a whole, the nation as capital, empire capital. If you don’t know this political reality, or it’s not part of your political thinking and acting, then you are not politically aware, but only dimly politically awake at best.

Progressives, who are focused on improving everyday life without challenging the totality of the capitalist universe, are re-arranging chairs on the Titanic, or think of America as a life-raft that is heading for a waterfalls, while the activists on board are struggling to make the ride more comfortable, fair, equal, and just.

Global Capitalism has created an ecological crisis, a social crisis, a political crisis, and a psychological crisis, and these problems are going to get worse, regardless of who wins the mid-terms, unless politically aware individuals articulate and demand a qualitatively different social totality. Given any amount of progressive success, in what sense is this real progress if the overall tendency of society is downward–toward the waterfall?

We need a radical agenda that changes course with the flow of capitalist progress, entailing not only a massive re-distribution of wealth, but also the emergence of self-determination as the principle for the reconstruction our lives.

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