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AFSCME Pres McEntee: Rahm is a “Progressive Force,” Liberals Should “Suck it Up”

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This is, as Gerry McEntee might say, “Bullshit!” Via Ben Smith, McEntee praises Rahm on the Chief of Staff’s way out of DC and endorses him for mayor of Chicago:

“If I lived in Chicago, I would vote for him for mayor,” said Gerald McEntee, the president of the giant public workers union AFSCME.

McEntee clashed with Emanuel over elements of health care legislation and has at times been a critic of the Obama Administration from the left. But while many in his wing of the party remain bitter at Emanuel — and plan to campaign against him for mayor of Chicago — McEntee said that Emanuel’s record was, on balance “for progressive forces and ideas.” […]

McEntee also recalled backing Emanuel’s 2006 efforts to take back the House of Representatives.

“For our aid and participation in that effort, particularly working close with him, he on two different occasions sent me a cheesecake from Eli’s,” McEntee said, referring to the Chicago eatery and adding that the aid had not amounted to “coordination.”

Anyone know what kind of presence AFSCME has in Chicago? Cause then this would make sense.

Finally, it appears as though McEntee  doesn’t want to be left out of the “buck up” chorus of late.

Asked for a message about Rahm to skeptical allies on the left, McEntee echoed Joe Biden: “Suck it up.”

Come on, what is it? It’s bullshit!

Fuckin’ AFSCME.

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