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OMG! Did Rand Paul Really Use the Term “Welfare Queen”?

Why, yes. Yes he did.

We as Republicans need to realize that you can’t just cut off the welfare queen and balance the budget,” says Rand Paul, a Senate candidate in Kentucky, who has some extreme views on other issues but is evidently pro-arithmetic. “The only way you’ll ever get close to balancing the budget is if you look at the entire budget.”

I really thought “welfare queen” had gone the way of Willie Horton and had been banned from polite conversation, but I guess the GOP’s minority outreach program is on hiatus this election.

Of course, the irony is that Rand’s home state gets a disproportionate share of the federal budget.

…the reality is that Kentucky depends more than most states on government aid — the tens of billions of federal dollars every year that prop up its state government and fill its mailboxes with entitlement checks, among other benefits.

For every dollar Kentucky sends to Washington in federal taxes, it gets back between $1.51 and $1.82 in federal spending, depending on which study is consulted. Other states — mostly in the Northeast and Midwest — subsidize Kentucky by paying more in taxes than they get in return.

But when Republicans deride “welfare queens,” they’re not talking about nice white honest ‘merkuns in Kentucky. It’s those lazy, shiftless blacks in Detroit that are the problem.

Teabaggers: still not in the slightest bit racist!

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