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The Coming Electoral Debacle Is a Self-Inflicted Wound, Barack

And you have no one but yourself to blame.

As Jane reminded you, two days after the election, when you worked with us instead of trashing us, you get results favorable to Democrats.

WE told you, "exemplified in this short comment, what we wanted and what we voted for and what we worked for — end the wars, national healthcare and rebuild our infrastructure.

Because of your choices we still want them. You’ve accomplished precious little for us.

And let’s not even start the discussion over how you’ve gone farther than Bushie ever did in erecting a police state where the government can kill you for any reason at all at the President’s whim – the reason being a state secret that cannot be disclosed, ever.

And, instead, we were useless bloggers carping around the edges instead of being good cheerleaders when we held his feet to the fire.

This post correctly noted, "Change can only come if we vote for it."

We voted for it and then you, Barack, decided to screw us over. Sitting home and not voting is as much a choice — a vote — as going to the polls. It’s a referendum on you and your job performance.  . . .

Here’s what we said the day of the election:

While a long term political realignment is the likely outcome of the disaster known as the Bush administration, in the short term most voters just want a government that works. Republicans broke the government and voters want it fixed.

Voters want the government to make it safe to drive over bridges. Voters want the government to build infrastructure that maximizes protection against flooding and earthquakes. Voters want the government to assure that financial institutions behave responsibly. They want the government to fix an inequitable health care system.

Voters are tossing Republicans out of office because Republicans don’t respond effectively to disasters and frequently cause them. Voters want a government that works for them, not for the wealthy, not for the oil and gas industry. That’s Barack Obama’s mandate. And that’s what a progressive Democratic legislature can help him deliver.

We voted for change: a government that works for us, rather than working for the rich and conected at our expense. You’ve failed to deliver for us, so why should we deliver for you? And now you have the temerity to curse us for not delivering for you? Puhleeze.

And the day after the election, Lieberman was threatening to join GOP filibusters of progressive legislation. That’s the progressive legislation the People voted for.

What did Barack do? He ratified Lieberman’s conduct. He told the Senate to let Lieberman have his way and keep his seniority and committee chair. We warned him at the time that he was ending his presidency before it began by ratifying Lieberman’s conduct. But Barack knew better.

Turns out, we were right and Barack was wrong. Again.

Here was what we predicted and warned about, the day after the election:

The new Democratic majority is a progressive electorate. It wants Democratic and progressive change. The notion of a "Center Right" Beltway Agenda is not what they want. Democrats must respect this. If they choose to instead adopt a Broderite agenda, they will be voted out of office – not because the new Democratic majority will prefer Republican policy, but because they will conclude that Ralph Nader is right, there is no difference between the two parties.

IS there a difference between the parties, Mr. President? Or, as many suspected and many now believe wholeheartedly, are the two parties merely two claws of the same crab bent on grabbing, holding and devouring the people of this country for the benefit of the rich and connected?

Your performance in office, Mr. President, tells us the latter is far closer to the truth.

We sent you more warnings, directly pertaining to issue #1 – the economy and jobs:

If, on the other hand, Obama and the Democrats take the advice of official Washington and go slow–adopting incremental reforms, appeasing adversaries that have lost their clout–they could end up prolonging the downturn and discrediting themselves. What could have been a hard realignment could become not merely a soft realignment, but perhaps even an abortive one. That’s not the kind of change that America needs or wants–and, hopefully, Obama and the Democrats understand that.

The unemployment rate in November 2008 was about 6.5%. The unemployment rate today is about 10%. And incomes — for those who still have jobs — are stagnant or down from 2008. The banksters still rule, through you, Mr. President.

Looks to me like you managed to discredit yourself, Barack. Particularly with the voters most important to your success – the liberal base. The liberal base who stuff the envelopes, man the phone banks, walk the neighborhoods, knock on the doors and persuade, persuade, persuade their friends and neighbors not just to vote, but to vote Democratic. You went one better — you alienated the unions who provide so many of the ground troops. (Oh, "that foulmouthed guy’s leaving", you say? It took over a year for that comment to come out, a year in which that guy was with you nearly every waking hour, wheeling and dealing. And, as this is being written, he’s still there.)

Then there was this gem:

Last night, in his victory speech, he [Obama] said:

There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president. …

I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.

We’ve disagreed with you, politely. We’ve told you so. You didn’t listen. You insulted us. You ignored us. And now you put together a campaign to hector us into supporting you and the Congresscritters who have effected no good change – but who are implacably roundheeled when it comes to enacting Republican agendas and expanding the Bush/Cheney/Obama police state.

You’ve got some fucking nerve.

We’ve been warning you for two fucking years that you were going down the wrong road and were risking precisely the kind of catasrophic losses you’re now looking at. You doubtless see it in your polling, the polling you won’t release.

Yet you want us to compromise (i.e., give up all pretense of) our integrity to vote to re-elect a bunch of spineless hacks who have not had the balls to force, let alone break, a Republican filibuster, nor to even replace all the Republican-appointed US Attorneys, nor to appoint a real lawyer to the Office of Legal Counsel, nor to move your appointments forward. To name a few — very few — of your failures.

It would seem that we may finally have gotten your attention, only it’s too late for you to do much about anything. (So, you imply you’ll do something about it after the election. C’mon – we’re educated and not that naive. You escape this election, you’ll go back to the way you were before. We know better.)

Tough. You brought this on yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, your career can go Cheney itself. You had it, you had our support, and you shat on our heads. After that, you don’t get my vote, and hardly get my attention. Go write another children’s book instead of minding the business of the country and Democratic party. I’m too busy for you.

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