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Maine’s Paul LePage Can’t Drive… Fifty FIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

UPDATE: There is a video clip of LePage in the go-kart, below the fold.

LePage demonstrating that this habitually offending speeder does NOT, repeat, does NOT, “have a lead foot”– and in the process, resembles a tap-dancing Yogi Bear.

Say, where the heck is his wife “Boo-Boo”? Hibernating in Florida?


It just gets weirder and weirder up here in the land of “Buffalos, Blackflies and Bullshite”

A rather odd question came up the other night during WGME-13’s live televised gubernatorial ‘Great Debate’ last Saturday night. The host, Gregg Lagerquist, asked all 5 of the candidates the same question in the rapid-fire portion of the debate:

“How many points are on your driver’s license?”

Non-Tea Party candidate Paul LePage’s answer?

“I have no idea.”

Here, I’ll even let you watch him!

Now, this time I think it’s highly likely that LePage really doesn’t know! Check out why– “Uh-oh, the ranger’s not gonna like THIS, Yogi!”


For the record, Paul LePage currently has three safe driving credit points on his drivers license, sort of like money in the bank (the maximum safe driving credit points a Maine driver can accumulate is four). All the below comes from the  Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

2008: Received Ticket for going 51 in a 25

On 15 December 2008, Paul LePage was convicted of driving 51 mph in a 25 mph zone.

2002: Received Ticket for Going 84 in a 65

On 18 March 2002, Paul LePage was convicted of driving 84 mph in a 65 mph zone.

On 13 January 2000, Paul LePage received a warning letter.

1999: Received Ticket for Going 83 in a 65

On 17 December 1999, Paul LePage was convicted of driving 83 mph in a 65 mph zone.

1999: Received Ticket for Going 74 in a 55

On 27 August 1999, Paul LePage was convicted of driving 74 mph in a 55 mph zone.

1995: Received Ticket for Going 77 in a 65

On 20 September 1995, Paul LePage was convicted of driving 77 mph in a 65 mph zone.

There are four other speeding violations for Paul LePage, dating back to 1970. According to the record, LePage has also been involved in seven collisions since 1973, the most recent this past June in Waterville.

Hmm. A tad too much “celebrating” at the Bob In or the Chez Paree, Paulie???

(Oh, I knew I would regret not grabbing the FB photo of LePage, squeezed with a shoehorn and elbow grease into a lil itty-bitty go-kart and racing around the Benton amusement park track this summer…)

Sigh. It was such a priceless image of him, too. So I guess I’ll have to settle for this:

From the 2:30 mark onward, you get to see Yogi in action.

Interesting that he discusses people “leaving Maine for 6 months and a day”… when he mentioned that exactly and talked about those same people heading to Arizona and Florida, people in the audience started to laugh!

Here’s why- the day before, the papers were reporting that Boo Boo er, Ann LePage, was ordered to pay $1400 to Florida.

Ann LePage, wife of Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage, has been ordered to pay $1,400 in back property taxes and penalties in Florida for improperly receiving a permanent-resident tax exemption on her home there.

On Sept. 10, MaineToday Media publications, including The Portland Press Herald, reported that Ann LePage, who owns homes in Waterville and Ormond Beach, Fla., received homestead property-tax exemptions in 2009 on both homes, in violation of Maine and Florida tax laws.

Paul LePage formerly co-owned his wife’s home at 438 Main St. in Waterville, and he co-signed with his wife on the mortgage taken in 2008 to buy the home in Florida.