Government ShutDown how that helps us this Election.

The GOP is talking about shutting down the Government again read David Dayen for details.

If a Government shutdown occurs how does this help us? The answer is government checks Social Security checks come in late then the old White Men who make up the majority of Tea Baggers have to cut spending and start getting behind on their bills getting late charges right before the election. Pissing off your Base is no way to energize turnout.

Students who voted Obama but now are disappointed that he has not done anything don’t get their student loan checks on time that will certainly energize them to vote against the GOP. Remember final exams will also be coming up around election time which will add to their stress.

African American Hispanic all minority voters were not expected to vote in this election at numbers they did for Obama’s election. Given their greater poverty rate and thus greater dependence on Government Checks expect that to change.

Before the GOP gets all racist lets remind them more Whites are on welfare than African Americans the GOP can’t win if they depress their bases turnout.

I smell Newt’s hand in all of this he wants to clear his record and prove a government shutdown can work this makes him seem less stupid when he runs for President.

However unlike the Clinton years we have 10% unemployment and millions have lost savings as the stockmarket and housing market collapsed. Those people getting getting government Welfare and Student aid checks will be less likely to be able to borrow cash from friends and family to get by until they get their checks.That should add to their anger and desire to vote for revenge.

The next question is how long will the government shutdown be? The longer it goes on the more the anger there will be. The shorter it is a day or so nobody will really care.

Of course if Obama and Harry Reid remain to true to form what they will give in and surrender to GOP demands before there is even a Government shutdown thus wasting perhaps the last chance we have to rally our side this election.

Remember the GOP has called the Democrats the party of big government for decades there is no way we will get blamed for shutting down big government so there is no way this can hurt us.

The GOP shuts down government we weaken their support with older voters we energize Welfare Voters, Minorities and Students groups we have given up hope would show up this election. How many close races can we flip with just a 4% increase in our voter turnout?



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