The latest language change to come from the Tea Party fringers is to replace bigotry with “culturalism.”  Dr. John Press, president of the Brooklyn Tea Party, spoke at a September 19th rally, reported in The Brooklyn Ink, saying that America is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles, and therefore when people encourage multiculturalism and oppose anti-immigrant policies, “they undervalue us and do us a disservice, and quite frankly endanger the continuation of America.”

I wrote previously about choice and how our society often debates over whether being LGBT is a choice and therefore something that should be protected in law.  “Choice” is actually irrelevant as a divisor and gives an out to prejudiced people, who become “blind to their prejudice because they’ve seduced themselves into believing that what they’re reacting to is not really the trait itself, when they’re acting on the unspoken and often inaccurate smorgasbord of inventions that go with it.

The tea party bigots continue to demonstrate the point clearly and unmistakably:

““If this was racism, there would be no hope, because people are not going to change their skin color,” Press said. “But this is culturism. People can change their culture.””

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