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The Freeze Farce Is Over

The Settlers held a little Countdown Block party, despite Bibi’s plea for them to cool it…

Netanyahu to settlers: Keep low profile as building freeze expires
Barak tells BBC there’s a ’50-50′ chance a compromise will be reached on settlements, says ‘historic’ peace process has better chance of success.

… in an interview with the BBC, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that there was a "50-50 chance" that Israel and the Palestinians would reach a compromise on the issue of construction in the settlements.

Barak said that there was a much better chance that the current peace process would succeed, despite the disagreement over the settlements. "We cannot afford to let this [peace] process, with historic potential, to be derailed by the fact that Israel doesn’t have a way to stop this construction totally," he said.

Wtf…? ‘Israel doesn’t have a way to stop this construction’

So, Bibi, you can’t control your Right-wing, gun-toting, Tea, err… Likud Bloc, Partiers too…? What a wicked web…

Meanwhile, Abu Mazen displays his typical spinelessness…

Abbas non-committal on peace talks
President Abbas seems to be non-committal to continuation of talks if Israel fails to extend settlement moratorium.

Like much of the international community, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has called on Israel to extend its freeze on illegal settlements, hours before the 10-month moratorium expires.

Abbas, who has repeatedly vowed to abandon the US-sponsored peace talks if Israel resumes settlement construction, has now told AFP news agency in Paris that he would meet top Arab diplomats on October 4 before deciding his next move.

Abba’s non-committal position was also echoed by his chief negotiator. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Saeb Erakat said that he " cannot confirm if President Abbas will abandon the peace talks or not." […]

US ‘Hopeful’

David Axelrod, a top aide to US president Barack Obama said that Washington is "hopeful" that the Israelis and Palestinians will compromise on the West Bank settlements issue and avert a collapse of the peace talks. US Administration is very keen on the success of the peace process that it started earlier this month.

I’m a bit sick and tired of the word ‘Hope’ still being bandied about by this Administration…

I suppose I should await Abu’s decision until after that Arab League meeting on the 4th, before sticking a fork officially in the ‘Direct Talks’…

Arab League to meet next week to decide whether Israel-Palestinian talks should continue
Abbas indicates that direct negotiations won’t necessarily be suspended immediately after the construction freeze ends on Sunday night.

Well, the Arab League has already told Abbas to exit the talks if Israel won’t stop the construction. So, we shall see…

Meanwhile, it seems Israel has cyber-attacked Iran’s new Bushehr Nuclear Plant…

As Bloomberg had reported: Falkenrath Says Stuxnet Virus May Have Origin in Israel

Well, I suppose that turns back the clock a bit for the Israeli need to bomb Iran, eh…?


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