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Civil rights legend Julian Bond on Eddie Long: 'He is a raving homophobe'

Via Rod 2.0, a video from the incredible equality ally and civil rights leader Julian Bond, who does not mince words regarding the virulent homophobia of alleged gay sex predator “Bishop” Eddie Long.

In June 2006, Bond famously refused to attend the funeral of Coretta Scott King that was held at New Birth MB Church. At the time he said, “I knew her attitude toward gay and lesbian rights. And I just couldn’t

imagine that she’d want to be in that church with a minister who was a

raving homophobe. And I couldn’t see myself in my church either.”

Bond, who was an early leader in the civil rights movement alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., amplified his remarks on the embattled anti-gay pastor. “He said that homosexuality is worthy of death. He is a raving homophobe,” said the civil rights legend former longtime Georgia legislator. “If [the allegations] are true, it’s just sort of typical of people who are raving homphobes who are secretly homosexual. And who are homophobes because they are filled with so much self-loathing and self-hate that they’ve got to let it come out in some way, and it comes out in homophobia.”

UPDATE: The inconsequential presser from this AM is below. Long again cited his attorney’s instruction not to say anything about the charges, and didn’t take questions.

Watching this thing, I keep thinking about Cadillac Kimberly‘s rant and her observations about Long’s wig. It’s a really bad jheri-curl type deal pasted to his scalp; it’s distracting. Surely with the millions he’s pulling down he could afford a better rug. My suggestion is just to go cueball, but hey, it’s not like he needs my advice, lol.

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