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WND raises spectre of man-on-dog marriage by hyping its tiny poll data

The same old garbage, recycled for fundie fright consumption by Joseph Farah’s “news” machine:

Poll’s tiny subset thinks this should be part of ‘marriage’

But 70% majority states preference for one-man, one-woman definition

A new WND/Wenzel Poll indicates that an overwhelming 70 percent of Americans want marriage limited to one man and one woman, but a subset, tiny though it may be, already is endorsing polygamy and bestiality.

The prospect that relationships abhorred both biblically and traditionally will be sanctioned already has been forecast by one of the California Supreme Court justices in 2008 who dissented from the majority opinion that “found” in the state constitution a provision for same-sex “marriage.”

…”While 92 percent of Republicans believe only in a one man-one woman marriage, just 52 percent of Democrats agreed,” he reported. “Among Democrats, 44 percent said they believed a marriage could be any two people, regardless of gender.

…It was among those categories that the polygamous or polyamorous relationships – even bestiality – started appearing.

Among Democrats, 2.2 percent said “marriage” should be “many people-any gender.” One-half of one percent of independents agreed. And a definition of marriage that would be “not limited to humans alone” was supported by 0.2 percent of Democrats and the same percentage of Independents.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding