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What DADT really means to our Country

You'd be amazed at how fragile our military is under the hood. And the complete lack of confidence Congress and the Administration have in the men and women that serve their country.  We tout it as the greatest military force in the world.  If only that were true; apparently they believe it can be utterly defeated with a mere kiss.  But not just any kiss.

You see, by saying the things they say about needing to retain the policy known as DADT, they are really saying that our soldiers and the military as a whole are so feeble that they would fall apart and not be able to fight effectively if they knew someone nearby was in a monogamous committed relationship with someone of the same sex.  Or has consesual sex with another adult that happens to be of the same sex   Straight soldiers visiting prostitutes, straight soldiers raping civilians and other soldiers, killing civilians when necessary -all this they can handle.   They've been trained for it, in fact.  But throw a largely unseen detail of someone's private life into the mix and the whole war could be lost. Because our troops are that weak, you see.

I happen to have a lot more faith in the people that serve to protect our country. I believe they can handle gays in the ranks without becoming quivering useless deer in headlights on the battlefield.  I just wish President Obama, the members of Congress and the Pentagon felt the same way about them. 

Imagine if our lobbyists or the media framed the issue in this way.

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