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Ongoing Investigation of Anti-War Activists

I’m not done with my posts on the IG Report on FBI’s past investigations into anti-war activists.

But I did want to note that these investigations are ongoing. This morning, FBI in Minnesota raided the homes of some anti-war activists as part of a material support for terrorism investigation. (h/t fatster)

The homes of several leaders of the Twin Cities antiwar movement were raided Friday by the FBI in what an agency spokesman described as an “investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Search warrants were executed on six addresses in Minneapolis and at two in Chicago, said FBI spokesman Steve Warfield.

Among the homes raided were the apartments of Jessica Sundin, who was a principal leader of the mass march of 10,000 on the opening day of the Republican National Convention two years ago, and Mick Kelly, who was prominent in that protest and among those who announced plans to march on the Democratic National Convention in Minneapolis, if the city is selected to host it in 2012.

Mind you, a material support investigation must be tied to an official terrorist organization, as opposed to simply calling anti-war activists terrorists as the Bush Administration did in its investigations of anti-war activists.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like much has changed since Bush was criminalizing political speech.

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