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Republicans Introduce Their Pledge to Screw America Again (FDL Translation)

Republicans Pledge to Drive American Into Ditch

CBS reports it has obtained an advance copy of the Republican “Pledge to America,” summarizing the GOP’s proposals for “Jobs,” “Cutting Spending,”” Reforming Congress,” and “Defense.” Nothing new; just the usual GOP double talk and nonsense.

Unlike the cynical gibberish the Republicans will release today, FDL has compiled a summary of actual Republican policies and beliefs, based on their actual votes, public statements and past performance. So here, after an exhaustive 5-minute search of my memory (feel free to add stuff I forgot), is your 2010 Republican Party:

The Real Republican Pledge to America, based on their actual votes, history and statements:

1.  Create More Jobless, then Screw Them:

— Run the economy into ditch; worst recession since 1930s

— Deregulate predator financial institutions; then bail them out and shield them from oversight

— Let the banks prey on consumers; shackle consumer protection

— Use Fed and Treasury to rescue Wall Street, ignore Mainstreet’s recession

— Obstruct jobs programs,

— Oppose and cripple stimulus, then claim credit for the jobs it creates

— Obstruct help to states trying to avoid teacher, firemen, police layoffs

2.  Actual Spending Policies:

— Double debt over last ten years and support $700 billion more deficit next ten years in tax gifts to the richest Americans

— Start two wars (est. cost: $3 trillion) without raising revenues to pay for them

— Support efforts to cripple state revenues, then . . .

— Vote against money to help struggling states avoid teacher, firemen, police, parks, healthcare layoffs

— Deny funding for unemployment benefits

— Deny funding health care; threaten to defund/repeal insurance reforms that stop discrimination and arbitary coverage denials

— Enable worst poverty in 30 years, propose nothing to relieve it

— Create highest number of uninsured, ever; ignore it

— Recreate egregious inequality, in which the richest own most of the wealth; applaud it

— Redirect wealth upwards, to put the middle class under siege

— Curtail investments in alternative energy, infrastructure, public goods

— Cut support for veterans  . . .

3. Congressional “Reform”

— Ignore pay-go when they’re in charge

— Set records for abuse of filibuster

— Abuse Senate holds to stall nominations for personal earmarks

— Shut down government when they lose elections

4. Defense Policies:

— Create national fear/hatred of a billion Muslims;

— Begin endless wars against a billion Muslims

— Fund every weapon system the Pentagon and contractors ask for; cripple oversight of wasted, fraud

— Destroy Constitutional rights to create fear-based intelligence/terror state

— Endorse kidnapping, rendition, torture, indefinite detention, black sites, assassinations, even of Americans

5.  Family Values

— Lie, make up stories, demagogue about Obama’s birth, religion, beliefs and policies to destroy the legitimacy of a democratically elected Democratic President

— Invent an alternative faux reality based on lies and relentlessly disseminate it via an ideologically controlled media

— Cynically demonize, distort the meaning of common words and issues that might undermine this alternate reality

— Cynically provoke fear of “others,” usually immigrants, Muslims, non-Christians, “them,” to sustain heightened support for war and executive power over individual liberty

— Undermine religious liberty for any but the preferred Christian religions

— Promote religious uniformity via state control over individuals and use of state to promote the preferred belief systems

— Oppose universal health care, student aid, consumer protection

— Teach their children to reject science, climate realities, evolution or anything that might question their alternative reality

— Listen only to corporate shills who deny actual problems revealed by science where it conflicts with corporate agenda of those manipulating the ignorant

— Oppose federal assistance to those harmed by corporate malfeasance and related economic forces

— Oppose efforts to reduce income inequality; strangle efforts to preserve the middle class

— Oppose efforts to end discrimination against women, blacks, Latinos, gays, or any other “them”

— Oppose efforts to curtail the power of mega-corporations that control how people live, what they buy, what they eat, wear, watch

— Oppose any efforts by the state to regulate corporate power in the public interest

It’s an astonishing record; its [im]morality rivals anything in the Bible’s Old Testament. They’re the most irresponsible, ignorant and morally repugnant party in my lifetime.

Vote Republican.

*Any resemblance to policies, votes or actions of corporate Democrats/conseraDems or the current Administration, is both likely and inexcusable, but it just might explain that “enthusiasm gap” thing.

John Chandley


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