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Late Night: Pouting Baby Doesn’t Understand Why Mr. O Looks Sad and Alone

Pouting Baby doesn't understand why Mr. O looks sad and alone. (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.     – JW

I really like looking at pictures.  Looking at pictures of happy people is fun.   But when I look at pictures of Mr. O, he’s starting to look really sad and alone.  Look at the pictures here.  Mr. O doesn’t look happy in very many of them.  He’s by himself in a lot of them, too.

Why is Mr. O sad?  Lots of people were really happy when he beat Old Man McCain in the election.  Mr. O was going to change a lot of things to make people happy.  But then Mr. O started to spend his time making companies and really rich people happy.  The rest of the people have gotten tired of waiting for him to change things for them.  Georgie B made companies and really rich people happy, too, so this is not a change.

Is Mr. Em telling Mr. O that he has to make companies and really rich people happy because then they will give more money to Mr. O’s team instead of the team with the orange guy?  Mr. Em seems really mean.   A lot of people are ready for Mr. Em to go away.  Why is Mr. Em taking so long to go away?

I wonder if Mr. O is ready for Mr. Em to go away now, too.  Even with Mr. O doing what Mr. Em told him to, now the companies and really rich people are giving more money to the team with with the orange guy anyway, so Mr. Em didn’t have a good idea.  Is Mr. O sad because he did the mean things Mr. Em wanted and didn’t get the money Mr. Em said those mean things would get for them?

When will Mr. Em go away? (White House photo by Pete Souza)

If Mr. Em would just go away, maybe Mr. O would be happier.  Maybe Mr. O could start doing the things to make the rest of us happy, too.  Or did Mr. O lie about wanting to make things better for most people?  I don’t like liars!

Remember when Georgie B had everybody working together right after the bad guys knocked down the buildings with the airplanes?  He messed that up a lot when he decided that fighting was the way to stop fighting.  Now it looks like Mr. O is messing up just as bad.  Lots of people were excited about changing things to help people who don’t have enough money.  But then Mr. O decided to help the people and companies who already had more money than they needed instead of helping people who don’t have enough money get more.  Why did you do that, Mr. O?

I have one more thing to ask Mr. O.  Mr. O, what is a hippie and why are people saying that your team likes to punch them?  I don’t like punching!

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