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Misogynist Lawrence Summers Leave Obama Economic Advisor Post

Cross-posted at the dramatically consistent Francis L. Holland Blog.

Great news! Lawrence H. Summers, the Harvard University president who in 2005 attributed women's lack of tenured professorships in academia to innate sex differences, and who then somehow went on to become a chief economics advisor to President Obama, is leaving the Obama Administration!   (He also insinuated that Blacks, too, were held back by innate differences, after which Harvard University refused for days or weeks to produce the transcript of his speech.)

As I said at MyDD when President Obama was appointing Summers, and just before I was banned from participation at MyDD:

I suggest that readers personally read and consider Lawrence Summers' public comments for themselves and decide if he, as a member of the Obama cabinet, could treat women equally and promote their careers and opportunities in the same way that he would do for men. 

At the time of the "innate intelligence" controversy, in 2005, the New York Times said, in an article entitled, No Break in the Storm Over Harvard President's Words

At Friday's conference, Mr. Summers discussed possible reasons so few women were on the science and engineering faculties at research universities, and he said he would be provocative.  Among his hypotheses were that faculty positions at elite universities required more time and energy than married women with children were willing to accept, that innate sex differences might leave women less capable of succeeding at the most advanced mathematics and that discrimination may also play a role, participants said. There was no transcript of his remarks.

Is there a correlation between some men believing that women are inherently incompetent to be professors and those same men discovering that they, themselves, are incompent as economics advisors?  It is certainly a possibility because after hundreds of billions of dollars given to banks under Summers' authority, unemployment in America continues to rise, housing defaults continue to rise, poverty is rising, the Democratic Congress seems at risk, and Summers has never even shown a heart-felt expression that he gives a damn.

Now, Summers is losing his tenure, being forced out of his economics-advisor-to-the-President role because of what may arguably be his innate inability to fix the economy.  

Whatever the case, Lawrence H. Summers has become an increasingly heavy albatross around the neck of the Obama Administration and he should leave the White House today, when it would help Democrats at the polls, instead of waiting until December, when he may leave the President with a Republican Congress.

Good riddance!  Let's hope Obama doesn't replace Summers with Dinesh D'Souza.   If Obama brought in Robert Reich (Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration) to replace Summers, we might have some new and viable economic policies to announce before the Democrats get clobbered in November. 

Summers hoped in vain that bank bailouts would trickle down to Main Street.  To the contrary, Robert Reich says, "No Amount of Fiscal or Monetary Stimulus Will Be Enough, Given How Small A Share of Total Income the Middle Now Receives."

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