Fishes, Witches, Christians, Heathens and Haters

So I’m in bed with Pat Robertson, hopefully not sleeping with the fish, on the issue of  genetically engineered salmon. When I read between the lines of this Christian Broadcast Network report, I definitely got the vibe that Frankenfish cakes will not be served in the CBN cafeteria, even during Lent.

Salmon is considered to be one of the healthiest fish to eat. But instead of eating the salmon God made, would you eat the salmon that humans have tinkered with a bit?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is debating whether or not such fish are safe for people to eat and if it should be labeled as such.

Genetically-engineered salmon are designed to grow twice as fast.

On the other hand maybe Christians are just jealous, because science is on the verge of duplicating the “loaves and fishes” miracle.

Tonight on Hannity, Christine O’Donnell said” unfortunately” she did Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect a lot. She explains to Hannity that her witchcraft sex-capades were:

Teenage rebellion..some people dabble in drugs to rebel, that’s how I rebelled. But who didn’t do some questionable things in high school? Who doesn’t regret the 80s to some extent. I certainly do, and I most certainly regret bringing it up to Bill Maher.

Good point. There were some very regrettable moments in the 80s.

I’ll share some of mine if you share yours.

But could we also take a look at her “satanic” comment?

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it. I mean, there’s a little blood there and stuff like that.

Just like there are Baptists that drink, Catholics who support liberation theology  and a variety of other shades and hues in the Christian coloring book–as well as some who go outside the lines–there are all variety of witches. Not all witches are Satanists. Or Druids,  Wiccans, Re-Weavers, Dianic, shamans, or members of the Ancient, Secret and Unacceptable Order of the Almond Bear Claw Danish Qabalistic Coffee Coven ™, any more than not all Christians are narrow-minded theocratic, anti-sex, anti-gay, fundamentalists. Heck, some witches aren’t even religious, they just have mad skillz.

But some fundamentalist sects of Abrahamic faiths have declared anything that is not their religion to be Satanic. Which I suppose includes all of the other faiths not just those who worship in a pre-Christian manner.  And “Satan” per se is a construct of the Abrahamic faiths.

Calling witches and others of reconstructed/revisioned pre-Christian practices “heathens” or “pagans” is using Christian terminology; we are defining ourselves as  The Other (though maybe the terms go as far back as the Roman Empire? But I’ve only seen them attributed to post-Christ writers).  I guess it could be seen as using a perjorative to take back the power of a word, but maybe there’s a better one.

While we’re on the subject of fundamentalists, nice one, staff member/s of Senator Saxby Chambliss:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss has confirmed that the “All faggots must die” comment left here on JMG [] earlier today did indeed come from his Atlanta office.

Way to stay classy.

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