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Third Parties…are Kaput!

Third Parties…are Kaput!

The sole purpose and reason diary is to begin my process to refute the establishment and support of politically engaged third parties, especially, when contrasted and compared to European-oriented Americana versus my view, the Indigenous-oriented Americana. To wit, the challenge is to deliver, without being offensive, the virtual failure of any perceived third party in American politics. Thus, having to contend with Jane Hamsher’s ever-present vigilance for the pulchritude that encompasses the existing “veal pen” is always critical, even for an Indigenous perspective that espouses the Fifth World of Democracy.

So, when I encountered Michael Kwiatkowski’s thread titled, “So You Want To Move the Democrats to the Left? Stop Voting for Them.”, got my political juices flowing even more, and as such, this response but done in a longer form. Thus, this seminal diary is my response given to his thread, especially when there have been over 170 responses to date, and which is quite extra-ordinary by interet standards, and which is also deserving of my kudos, as well.

Now, permit to commence?

My political hang-up, if there is one, is that “egalitarianism” is non-existent in both major political parties, and of course, the existing third parties do not preach “egalitarianism” but do preach their agenda and which is attendant to their members’ wantds and desires, as they too are ‘special interests’ and that too is fine with me.

But where I disagree, is when the political parties fail to address my “unmet” needs, given that these special interest members are amply deferred to. And that is a fact of political life. And from therein, the toxic environment that is politics in our Americana, is off-putting. However, demographic changes that portend our future, “demands” that an Indigenous Perspective will overtake the major political parties. Consequently, the leadership of the Democratic Party will be provided by the stellar moniker of the “Native America/Chicano/Military Veteran” and of which I am one of many.

Today, we have more bullshit crappola being espoused by the likes of Arianna Huffintion in her latest polemic and titled, “Third World America”. Of course, she fails to realize my perspective and which is the Indigenous Perspective, but then, being ignored and cavalierly rejected, is par for the course, to use a sports metaphor. Thus, during the Chicano Movement of the 1950’s and thru the 1970’s, the rise of a third party, the Raza Unida Party came about due to the Grito de Crystal, out of Crystal City, Texas, and home to the internment camps for Japanese Americans during WW II, and who had been “collected” by the FBI while residing throughout Latin America. Moreover, America’s immigration policy, and prior to 1937, rounded up Native Americans and Mexican Americans, done on a daily basis and in large numbers, depleted our communities by an approximate 50%. Today, our common occurrence is to have an “extended family” and for which we speak to, for, and on behalf. And yet, no “third party” has done so. And this political deficiency among third parties, thunders loudly all across our Sonoran Desert, and which gives me neither solace nor comfort when it comes to political encouragement and engagement.

Therefore, my Indigenous Perspective, is attendant to the Democratic Party, since “power” of my Indigenous Perspective can be successfully achieved, but only from with the Democratic Party. The demographic trends for our collective future speak loudly to me, and more so, from the “aggressive” or “progressive” future that is our to concretize. Thus, our current political battle is not so much, Republican, but ongoing with respect to our political offensive against the Arch-Conservative Cabal that is the existing leadership on the Right, otherwise, our current Americana–the Society for the Criminally Stupid, will continue for another twenty years or more. And to date, there is no third party, willing to address this for the long haul, since third parties conveniently come and go, as measured in our standard for politics. And underlying all our economics, socials and politics is the Art of Becoming. Of course, in politics, this Art of Becoming underpins our belief in our actualized Egalitarianism.

Add into this toxic mess, is our Human Rights. Given the European-oriented Americana, the well-known authors for Human Rights, the late Coretta Scott King and Arizona’s former Governor, Raul Castro, was the personalized animation that convinced Jimmy Carter to move forward for embracing these stellar political operatives, and consequently, America is now constant and consistent in advocating for Human Rights and done on a daily basis by the State Department. And yet, when it comes to the domestic use of Human Rights, the Obama administration is lukewarm. Thus, there is no third party that utilizes Human Rights as its “primal instinct”. And this too, is another of the many "unmet need" found and which resonates within our collective European-oriented Americana.

And yet, at the end of political day, a European-oriented “third party” cannot address the “unmet needs” that can only be addressed within the Democratic Party. As to an Indigenous-oriented third party, this too cannot be “fruitful and multiply” given that the Democratic Party will be ours to own and manage for the Common Good. And thusly, we-collectively, will be “fruitful and multiply” if our "leadershp" is both competent and ethical and where “egalitarianism” is the primal instinct, nonetheless.

Welcome to "shaping our future together".


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