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Biden & Obama use Filibuster Scam to Block Elizabeth Warren from Full Appointment

Biden & Obama use Filibuster Scam to Block Elizabeth Warren from Full Appointment — by NormanB

Congressional Democrats already severely weakened the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by withholding full cabinet status from its Director, and through other provisions watering down the office and the agency, pretending that they needed Republican input in the Bill.

In his announcement of Elizabeth Warren’s appointment as his special assistant to help set up the Bureau, President Obama made clear that he intends to have Republicans block her full appointment to run the Bureau. He and Vice President Biden will do this by again using their long-running Filibuster Scam. So, instead of running the Bureau, she’s an advisor. Someone much further to the Right, with much less integrity, is slated for the job of actually running the Bureau. We don’t yet know who that will be.

Obama and Biden repeatedly perpetrate the fraud that Republicans have the power to block Presidential appointments with filibusters while in the minority. This is not true Constitutionally: The US Constitution doesn’t mention filibuster. Conversely, our Constitution provides for "one-person-one-vote" and "majority rules."

In the 1970s, when Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President/President of the Senate, he ruled that no Senator can filibuster a nominee. Therefore, Democrats couldn’t filibuster President Ford’s nominees. The day before leaving office, Rockefeller reversed his ruling, re-allowing such filibusters. Senate Republicans immediately took full advantage of the new rule, and crippled Jimmy Carter’s Presidency by filibustering his nominees. Biden can forbid filibuster of nominees, or all filibusters if he so chooses. Instead, he complains about the filibusters, and whines about them, nearly cries; but he steadfastly refuses to forbid Republicans filibusters, ensuring that the tactic will continue as long as Biden keeps up the Scam.

Just five years ago, Senate Democrats had blocked 10 of President Bush’s judicial nominees with filibusters, saying they were "too far out of the mainstream." Then VP Dick Cheney threatened, through Senate Republicans, to remove the courtesy that Republicans had extended to Democrats: Allowing them to filibuster. Cheney let word out that he was considering revoking that courtesy, because the Democrats were misusing it. The mainstream media termed this the "Nuclear Option," though it is actually called the "Constitutional Option." filed an emergency lawsuit to block it, to no avail. Every propaganda news report told us we were in danger of losing something important: Letting the minority party dictate. In the end, Cheney didn’t go through with it, because the Democrats (of course) backed off after his threat; they stopped filibustering.

That was just five short years ago. Someone must have memory that long.

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