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Transgender Murder Suspect Considered Male In PA Jail

Transgender inmates at Montgomery County Prison are afforded protection and kept out of the general prison population for their own safety, according to a prison official. But even if a biological man identifies as a woman, she is still housed with male inmates.

A 40-year-old defendant accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in a Norristown apartment Aug. 13, was born Tyrone Crawley, but considers herself Asia Santana, a woman. Currently, Santana is being held in the maximum security section of the county lock-up.

“It’s not something we deal with that often,” said Deputy Warden Dennis J. Molyneaux. “A couple of times a year.”

But a transgender prisoner’s appearance is one criteria for segregating them at the Eagleville facility to avoid a possible assault. In the prison vernacular it’s called “administrative segregation/protection.”

“You wouldn’t want a male resembling a female in the male section (of the general population),” he said.

As with all inmates entering the county prison, Santana underwent a medical screening before being assigned a cell. And though the defendant is referred to by her brother as “she,” in the lock-up Santana’s sex is considered male.

“It’s exclusively based on a person’s genitalia,” he said

Source – The Times Herald

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Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans