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Green MassGov Candidate Jill Stein Speaks at Marijuana Rally in Boston Today, In The Face Of The Machine

Green MassGov Candidate Jill Stein Speaks at Marijuana Rally in Boston Today, In The Face Of The Machine — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Massachusetts Green Rainbow Gubernatorial Candidate Jill Stein will speak today at Boston’s annual pro-Marijuana Freedom Rally HempFest on the Boston Common, in the face of the "Democratic" Party machine, Boston University, and local corporate media, all working to suppress her candidacy and silence her voice by blocking her from the Debates.

The Boston Media Consortium (BMC) rigged last Tuesday’s Gubernatorial Election Debate by excluding Jill Stein, the only woman candidate. The members of the Boston Media Conspiracy/Consortium are Boston University’s NPR station WBUR, and Boston’s PBS Channel 2 WGBH, NBC Channel 7 WHDH, ABC Channel 5 WCBV, the Boston Globe, and New England Cable News.

The 3 Casino-backed candidates in the race, incumbent Democratic Governor Deval Patrick, Republican Charles Baker, and independent candidate Timothy Cahill (often called Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and Tweedledummer), agree with each other on many issues. If legalized, their Casino sponsors would benefit the Commonwealth’s economy in many important ways:

~They fatten the coffers of corporate-funded candidates, so they can buy newspaper ads and TV commercials;
~They encourage drunk driving offenses, and drunken drivers who live through it can then be forced to pay fines;
~They divert education funding toward high-paid Government officials who’ll oversee the gambling operations;
~They provide important low-paying low-skill jobs that Boston U. students will need as the education funding dries up, jobs like bar tenders, bouncers, bookies, prostitutes, pimps, nude models, exotic dancers, massage therapists, escorts, chamber maids, gun dealers, enforcers, collectors, kneecap breakers, hubcap stealers … a real jobs program;
~Hard drugs could flood the area, providing jobs for dealers, wholesalers, smugglers, hitmen and others; which in turn provides jobs and funding for police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, bondsmen, and corporate jailing facilities (the prison-industrial complex), ready to be filled by those restless former college students, who lost their financial aid after getting caught with drugs when they were innocently driving home drunk from a gambling establishment;
~Giving Organized Crime a bigger foothold in the state could boost a growth industry; we already have some of the best Heroin in the country, as you can tell by our death rate from it; besides, Organized Crime has been very good for Massachusetts: Who do you think picks up your garbage?

But the Massachusetts electorate is not too keen on legalizing Casinos, not like the monied candidates want you to think. What the people of Massachusetts do want to legalize is Marijuana. 65% of voters want it; and 12.5% of the state’s voters will be voting on it on November 2, though in non-binding Public Policy Questions, which nonetheless instruct their public officials and elected representatives to support legalizing Marijuana and liberalizing laws and enforcement concerning it.

As the only candidate brave enough to stand up to the Casinos, Stein is the de facto leader of the anti-Casino movement, which is winning so far. Now, she can also become the de facto leader of the strong-and-growing-stronger Marijuana movement. And as an MD, Jill Stein is an ideal spokesperson for medical Marijuana.

Liberal areas of the state will vote on whether to legalize, tax, and regulate Marijuana, like the California bill. Conservative districts in Massachusetts can vote on legalizing Medical Marijuana. Scott Brown’s old State Senate voters will get to file an opinion. All these Marijuana Public Policy Questions are expected to pass resoundingly. One can hope the Marijuana voter turnout will benefit Jill Stein, and vice versa.

With four candidates in the race, and two-thirds of the state agreeing with Stein on these two important issues, a perfect storm could be brewing. If elected, Stein will push for legalization and get it, with so much of the Commonwealth feeling that way. She will also bring home our state’s National Guard troops deployed to war zones.

Sunday in Amherst, Stein told a small group of dedicated supporters that the BMC’s ostensible reasons given for excluding her from the Debates shift. Sometimes low poling is cited, but as her poling rises, it’s the fact that she hasn’t raised $100,000 in donations yet. Sunday when she said that, she had only raised $70,000. Now she has over $82,000. She doesn’t have much time left to reach that $100,000 goal, which, if missed, gives the BMC an opportunity to manipulate the Election results by blocking participation of the only candidate that would make it a real Debate.

Stein pointed out that the BMC excluding her for not raising $100,000 shows a Bizarro sense of ethics: "Accepting corporate money, Casino money should disqualify them …" from office, rather than promoting their candidacies over hers.

This again shows how we need public financing. Here we see the only honest candidate – the only one not accepting money from special interests – is penalized for her honesty. Shame on the establishment!

And one has to wonder, shouldn’t the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Election Commission, and who ever accredits Boston University be investigating BU, NPR, PBS, NECN, the Globe, and everybody else who is improperly tampering with Elections? Oh, yeah … Who do you think picks up your garbage?

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