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Elizabeth Warren’s Soapbox

Two weeks ago, I suggested Obama would do well to hire the woman who wrote the book on the struggles of the middle class.

Yesterday, he did that.

Previously. I suggested that the White House needed to get their newest employee out on teevee, talking to the middle class.

For the White House, not only do they need to fulfill whatever promises they made to Warren. Just as importantly, though, if they don’t actually use the fact that they finally have someone who can speak for and to the middle class (without the kind of gaffes that Joe Biden inevitably makes) to their advantage they will be really hurting themselves. Is Warren booked for the Sunday shows this weekend? If not, why not?

Either the White House or Warren herself made sure she did the round of news shows to talk about her appointment.

As I said earlier, it pays to be cautious about such things.

But–as Rachel Maddow pointed out–at the very least the White House now has a person who can and will, relentlessly, speak about the concerns and challenges of the middle class.

And that–all by itself–is a vast improvement on what the Administration had yesterday.

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