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Mitt Romney Accuses Obama of “Insulting” Israel, Touts Iraq as a “Success”

by twolf

Willard will deliver these remarks at the “Values Voter” summit in DC today.

The President’s foreign policy has not compensated for his failure at home. Under his engagement policy, North Korea has tested nuclear weapons, launched long range missiles, and sunk a South Korean ship. And Iran has funded Yemeni insurgents, armed terrorists, and accelerated its nuclear program. He gave Russians their number one foreign policy objective–abandonment of our Eastern Europe missile defense–and got nothing in return. He insulted Israel at the United Nations and forgot to mention that Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into that country. Our success in Iraq is in spite of his policy preferences and thanks to those of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Mission accomplished!

Surely what’s needed right now is an even more bellicose foreign policy. Hot wars in 3 countries just isn’t enough to keep us “safe.”

But if the Republicans really want to run on how awesome the Iraq War was in 2012, by all means, bring it on.

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