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Primary Results Liveblogging

DE-SEN (R): Mike Castle 47%, Christine O’Donnell 53%.

NH-SEN (R): Kelly Ayotte 36%, Ovide Lamontagne 44% with 20% reporting.

NH-02 (D): Katrina Swett 24%, Ann McLane Kuster 76%.

NY-GOV (R): Rick Lazio 27%, Carl Paladino 73% with 19% reporting.

NY-14 (D): Carolyn Maloney 85%, Reshma Saujani 15% with 8% reporting.

Yes, it’s primary night once again in America.  Or at least on the Liberal Hippie East Coast… and Wisconsin.  And as is so often true, it’s looking like a referendum on each party’s political direction.  All three Republican races above feature a Tea Party candidate against a more establishment one, and both Democratic ones feature a conservative Blue Dog type against a progressive.

In the Delaware Republican Senate primary, moderate Rep. Mike Castle is currently losing handily has lost to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell, who has also scored the much-coveted Sarah Palin endorsement.  Castle is would have been very general-electable in DE, O’Donnell… not so much.  But I guess Tea Party + Sarah Palin was just too much crazy mojo for a Republican to overcome.

The NH Republican Senate primary is a little trickier, as the establishment candidate, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, picked up the Sarah Palin endorsement, but harder-right regular attorney Ovide Lamontagne is the darling of the teabaggers.  Yes, that’s right, Sarah Palin disagrees with the Tea Party on something.

The NH-02 Democratic primary features anti-marriage equality “Queen of the Liebercrats” Katrina Swett vying for Paul Hodes’ seat against progressive Ann McLane Kuster.  So… pretty easy to pick a side there. Update: W00t!!!

The NY-GOV Republican primary has Rick Lazio, the guy who got crushed by Hillary, in the role of Establishment Democrat, and Carl Paladino in the role of Crazy Rich Guy Who The Tea Party Loves Because They’re So Totally Populist.  As best I can tell, Sarah Palin has not endorsed either one of them, which seems uncharacteristically wise.  The outcome is more curiosity than anything else, since they’re basically just competing to see who loses to Cuomo.

And finally, in the NY-14 Democratic primary, it’s progressive Carolyn Maloney against the Wall Street candidate, Reshma Saujani.  It takes a lot of nerve to run so unapologetically as the Goldman Sachs candidate right now, and I am expressing my admiration for her courage by rooting for her to lose so badly that her political career is vaporized.

These races are just the highlights according to me: Jon has a much more comprehensive roundup here.

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