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MO-8th Going Blue in 2010 !!

Born and raised in the district, Tommy spent 11 years in the U.S. Army, as a Ranger, Green Beret and West Point professor.

He was born in Rolla, Missouri where he has deep family roots. His grandfather started the local paper in 1942. Raised with a deep sense of faith and the values of small communities, he was taught to serve others and work hard.

Tommy attended Rolla public schools and earned an Army ROTC Scholarship to Duke University. Later in his career, he won a Rotary Scholarship to study at the London School of Economics, where he graduated with a mark of distinction awarded to the top three graduates. He is currently completing his PhD in Government.

After two tours in Iraq, Tommy returned to teach at West Point, where he taught classes in American Politics and Mass Media and Politics. At West Point, he was nominated for an APGAR Award for excellence in teaching.
Tommy was commissioned into the Army’s Corps of Engineers in May of 1998. Assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, Tommy deployed to Kosovo where he led a platoon of Combat Engineers. He later attended Army Special Forces Training, where he graduated first in his class of Green Berets.

From 2004-2006, Tommy deployed to Iraq, where he commanded a group of Green Berets in a wide range of counterinsurgency operations. Tommy carried a steel-encased Bible with him, as a reminder of his faith and of his home. Tommy was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and two Bronze Stars. After eleven years of service to our nation, in 2009 Tommy left the Army and returned home.

After watching Southeastern Missouri struggle for the last fifteen years, Tommy is determined to take action and fight for his home. For the last year, Tommy has been traveling around the district, listening to voters and working hand in hand with the people of Southeast Missouri. In Congress, Tommy is committed to fighting for your interests, and bringing back jobs and prosperity to the district.

Now that you know a little bit more about him here’s where he stands on the issues

Since Jo Ann Emerson took office, our district has lost an estimated 16,000 jobs as over 150 plants have closed or laid off workers. We are the eighth poorest district in the country. Every politician promises jobs, but we have a plan:

Bring 21st Century infrastructure to Southeast Missouri
I had better cell phone reception abroad in Baghdad than we do in many parts of the Eighth District. We need new cell towers and improved broadband Internet. 21st century infrastructure will help create the conditions to restore jobs and economic opportunity to Southeastern Missouri.

Renegotiate so-called “free trade” agreements
Trade agreements like CAFTA that Jo Ann Emerson supported have caused our manufacturing base to largely disappear in 15 years and are certainly not “free”. Most of our small towns have empty factories whose jobs were sent to Asia or Central America. We have something everyone in the world wants: access to the American consumer, and we shouldn’t give that to the lowest bidder. In Congress, I will fight to bring back the lost jobs by renegotiating these trade agreements to level the playing field for us.

Reform the financial system to benefit our small community banks
Community banks are the lifeblood of our rural communities, and shouldn’t be punished for the crimes of Wall Street. By changing the outdated laws on assessing banking risk, we can help restore credit to our small communities and help small businesses thrive.

No more bailouts
The big banks that Jo Ann Emerson bailed out with our taxpayer dollars should not continue to prosper at our expense. The people who live in Missouri’s Eighth should not pay for the mistakes that Wall Street makes. Unlike Jo Ann Emerson who is now supporting another bailout, this time of poorly-managed pension plans, I will not support another bailout.


The current Congress is the longest serving in history. When I taught the Constitution at West Point, I explained to my students that the Founding Fathers were wary of government by kings, dukes and duchesses where power was simply passed within a tight group of families and relationships. Our Founders never dreamed of a class of professional politicians, whose every passing year in office makes them harder to unseat due to the campaign funds and favors they amass.

Institute limits on Congress
Congress should have term limits, just like the President: six terms for the house and two for the Senate. Congress should not be able to raise its own pay when the rest of the country is facing economic hardship. I get my healthcare from the VA, and Congress should have no better healthcare than our fighting men and women.

Limit campaign timelines
Elections need to be fairer and incumbents in Washington should have to fight for every reelection. By limiting the time for campaigns and fundraising, we can make sure that incumbents spend their time doing the people’s business and not waging a perpetual reelection campaign.


Congress has the lowest number of veterans since World War II. Congress must check the Executive and exercise its Constitutional duty to declare, fund, and end our nation’s wars.

End the war in Afghanistan

The U.S. Army’s Field Manual states, "every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive and attainable objective." Our nation cannot accomplish our objectives in Afghanistan without a commitment of billions of dollars and a permanent growth of our military. We need to bring our conventional troops home and combat terrorism with smarter, more cost-effective methods.

Veterans care

Our veterans deserve the best our country can offer. Our men and women who fight for us overseas should be able to return home and make a living for themselves and their families. In Congress, I’ll have a laser-focus on bringing jobs back to my district, so veterans do not need to leave their home to find work.


Immigration is a national security issue. We should provide incentives for immigrants to come to the United States legally.

Secure the border

Congress has failed to address the most important issue in the debate: securing the border. 50 years ago we put a man on the moon, and now we can’t seem to build a fence.

Workplace enforcement

We need workplace enforcement with teeth and disincentives for businesses hiring illegal workers. We should promote American labor whenever possible.


Both Republican and Democratic Congresses have led us from surplus to massive deficits over the last 14 years.

Pass a balanced budget amendment
Members of both parties have shown an inability to contain their reckless spending, and they should be forced to do so.

Reduce wasteful military spending

The waste that I saw in Iraq was appalling and should not be tolerated. I will work to ensure our defense dollars are spent wisely, not shoveled into a “black box” of wasteful contracts with little to no oversight.


Here’s the latest Ad’s he’s running against his GOP opponent

And another

Here he is on Morning Joe talking about why we should get out of Afghanistan !!!

Here’s what you can do to help turn Missouri’s 8th District Blue !!!!

Help get out the vote

Donate to the cause

Help spread the word

Add him on Facebook!/pages/Tommy-Sowers/166514268992?ref=ts

Follow him on Twitter

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Vote Vets

The time has come to fire Jo Ann Emerson and send Tommy sowers to DC!!!

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