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Glenn Beck Says Criticism of His Paid 9/11 Event Part of Effort to “Dismantle Free Market System”

Beck’s rambling defense of his paid 9/11 appearance with The Quitter is worth watching, because it shows just how much we got under his skin (starts around 3:20).

Says he wasn’t “exploiting” 9/11 — he was just “doing his job.” Maybe, but once again, The Quitter promoted the event on Facebook, noting,

I can think of no better way to commemorate 9/11 than to gather with patriots who will “never forget.”

Anyway, Mr. 9/12 wants us to believe that 9/11 for him is just another day at the office, and that to criticize him for turning the deaths of 3,000 Americans as a profit center is tantamount to undermining capitalism or something.

I also love how the media is irrelevant and sucks and impotent – yet Beck spends 10 minutes on national teevee defending himself against their baseless attacks, lest they destroy the free market system.


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Blue Texan