I am calling out to the FDL nation, and the progressive movement as a whole, to leave the DemCorp behind and focus for the next two years on getting a real grass roots Progressive Party running, fund raising, vetting candidates for congress and getting them on the ballot in all fifty states and drafting Elizabeth Warren as our POTUS candidate. (Jane as the other half of the ticket if I had my way)

Day in and day out I am here at FDL, hoping like the rest of you that the status quo will give way to reason and progress but it never materializes. The level of disappointment I feel with the Democratic Party and the BHO administration has me considering, for the first time, not voting. I just can’t continue to do the same thing and hope for a different result.

Elizabeth Warren is the type of person and the kind of intellect that this country needs. Warren is the only national figure that I actually feel I can trust. The lesser of two evils is no longer acceptable. With the emergence of a strong Progressive Party, the DemCorp will go the way of the Whigs and just be absorbed by the Republicans. True progressives in the party will then have a place to go and not be marginalized.

Let’s start developing our platform in comments.