Delaware, DC, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin – Primary Results Liveblog Part Two

Tonight is the last big primary night of the cycle featuring several important races. Voters in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin are all deciding their parties’ nominees. You can find a preview of what races are worth watching this evening here. You can find part one of the liveblog election results here. You can find live election results at Politico.

Polls closed at 8:00 EST in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Washington DC. Polls closed at 9:00 EST in New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

The big news so far is in Delaware. The tea party backed Christine O’Donnell beat establishment choice Rep. Mike Castle. With the victories of hardcore conservative insurgent primary challengers in Alaska and Delaware senate races expect much talk about whether moderates are no longer welcomed in the Republican party.

This is assumed to be good news for Democrat Chris Coons since O’Donnell is seen as less electable.

In MA-09 Democratic Rep. Steve Lynch defeated his primary challenger Mac D’Allesandro.

9:58pm – In NH-02 progressive Ann Kuster crushed Queen of the Liebercrat Katrina Swett. The race has already been called by the AP with 13% reporting and Kuster with 73.7% of the vote.

10:02pm – David Cicilline has been called as the winner of the Democratic primary in RI-01.

10:08pm – In the MA-10 open seat Jeff Perry has been declared the winner of the Republican primary defeating Joe Malone by a wide margin.

10:22pm – It looks like the New Hampshire GOP Senate primary could be another upset. With 19.9% reporting it is Ovide Lamontagne 44.1% – Kelly Ayotte 36.2%.

10:29pm – Tonight is looking good for outsider Republicans (or bad for establishment candidates) all over. In the NY GOP GOV primary with 21.8% reporting Carl Paladino has a huge lead with 69.5% to Rick Lazio 30.5%.

10:35pm – In MA-10 Bill Keating has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary.

10:40pm – In the NY-14 with 10.3% reporting incumbent Democrat Carolyn Maloney is crushing Reshma Saujani 84.7- 15.3. I guess even in NYC being the candidate of Wall Street is terrible politics.

10:50pm – Not surprisingly Andy Harris has been declared the winner of the GOP primary in MD-01. He will go on to challenge incumbent Dem. Frank Kratovil in the general. Rematch!

11:00pm – As expect Scott Walker wins the GOP Gov nomination in Wisconsin and will face Dem Tom Barrett.

11:05pm – In WI-07 GOP “Young Gun” and MTV “Real World” star, Sean Duffy has been declared the winner of the Republican primary. He will face Democrat Julie Lassa

11:09pm – In a shocker the AP has called the GOP Gov primary for Carl Paladino. With 47.3% reporting it is Paladino 66.8 – Lazio 33.2. The polling of this race was way off. Paladino just crushed Lazio.

11:25pm – It has been officially called by the AP. In NY-14 incumbent Carolyn Maloney crushed Reshma Saujani.

11:35pm – The brutal three way GOP primary in NY-01 finally has a winner. The AP called it for Randy Altschuler with 45.1% of the vote. Altschuler will face Dem incumbent Tim Bishop in the general.

11:37pm – In NY-13 Micheal Grimm has been declared the winner of the GOP primary.

11:38pm – Reid Ribble won the GOP primary in WI-08. He will face Democratic incumbent Steven Kagen in the general. And in NY-15 Charlie Rangel has survived.

12:00am – NY-23 GOP primary has been called for Matthew Doheny. The loser of the GOP primary, Doug Hoffman has already promised to still complete in the general election on the Conservative party line. So it looks like Democrat William Owens might win again thanks to a divided right. At this point we are basically just waiting on New Hampshire.

12:20am – With 50.2% reporting in NH, Ayotte has taken an extremely narrow lead. Ayotte 38.5 – Lamontagne 38.2.

12:40am – New Hampshire and DC have been really really slow to count their votes this evening.

1:00am – In NH only 70% is reporting. In the GOP Senate primary Ayotte leads 38.4 – Lamontagne 37.6.

1:10am – Former Rep. Charlie Bass has been declared the winner of the NH-02 GOP primary. He is one of the many Republicans trying to take back their former seats this year.

1:15am – It appears the Washington Post is projecting that Vincent Gray defeated incumbent DC mayor Adrian Fenty.

1:35am – It looks like New Hampshire has basically staled out on new election results so I’m going to call it a night.

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