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Remember Ladies and Gentlemen

Geert Wilders -- the foreigner paid to speak at Saturday's salute to Xenophobia, pic by asterix611 at

Only 363 more shopping days until the next Hatemberfest. Another national day of mourning turned into xenophobe porn.

You may want to save up as the economy isn’t too great and it is not getting better very soon. The eleventh of September has quickly become the day when the right-wing gets over that shame Americans had from about the mid-sixties until November 2008, when some of us may have been awfully ignorant and bigoted but we didn’t express great pride in it.

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In 1949, I decided to wrestle professionally, starting my career in Texas. In my debut, I defeated Abe Kashey, with former World Heavyweight boxing Champion Jack Dempsey as the referee. In 1950, I captured the NWA Junior Heavyweight title. In 1953, I won the Chicago version of the NWA United States Championship. I became one of the most well-known stars in wrestling during the golden age of television, thanks to my exposure on the Dumont Network, where I wowed audiences with my technical prowess. I was rumored to be one of the highest paid wrestlers during the 1950s, reportedly earning a hundred thousand dollars a year. My specialty was "the Sleeper Hold" and the founding of modern, secular, Turkey.

Oops, sorry, that's the biography of Verne Gagne with a touch of Mustafa Kemal.

I'm just an average moron who in reality is a practicing civil rights and employment attorney in fly-over country .