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What if?

What if we've been looking at the whole “Republicans courting LGBT votes” situation through rose colored glasses?

   Once the early morning chaos settled in our household this morning (meaning the kids were wolfing down their breakfast), my wife and I were waiting for the coffee to finish.  Our discussion drifted toward the  recent online and meatspace events surrounding  HRC.

  What if the “defection” of Ken Mehlmen was calculated with far more precision than we have given credit?

  What if recent moves by HRC, were calculated to be done with just enough carelessness as to alienate the lower 90% of the LGBT voters?

  (Add your own tin foil hat correlations here.  The neat thing about correlations is that they really are true.  Just not always causative.)

   It's possible that recent events were not planned.  They may have been a confluence of attitudes and smaller events that just happened to converge.  It's also possible that these and other events are calculated to produce a particular, very specific result.  One that would be difficult to identify until it's too late and one that would be difficult to stop, if that was even the desired response.  It's also possible that the RNC is acting in a calculated manner and the surrounding events such as HRC's disconnect is simply coincidence or a removal of rose colored glasses on our part.


  What if the Republicans really don't give an elephant's tail about the rank-and-file LGBT voters?  What if what we are witnessing is an attempt to strip away the top 10 or 5 percent of the LGBT Democrat donors?

  After the closing of the gAyTM, they'd be stupid not to try to attract the contributions.  And they don't even have to alienate their own core group *if* they court those of us that would kinda rather we didn't exist anyway.  Think assimilation.  Think dollars. 

  This would be a double-whammy, and a brilliant one at that.  Simultaneously they'd accomplish the following:

-Any percieved unity of the LGBT umbrella would shatter.  Or be shown to have been false, choose your poison flavor.

-The Republican party would gain a nice bump in donations and a few votes.

-The Democrats would lose the same chunk of donations and would likely not regain the (smaller) donations and votes of those that have reluctantly quit supporting them.

-The Democrats would publicly (outside of our little rainbow world) lose or have weakend their affiliation with liberal social values.

-The LGBT umbrella crowd would have lost a big chunk of equality funding and political carrot.



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