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Photo by Jay Lee

Photo by Jay Lee

Rick Perry, the secessionist candidate for Governor of Texas:

15% of voters in the state support seceding from the Union while 72% are opposed. 21% of Republicans and only 4% of Democrats support secession. Bill White actually leads the Governor’s race 51-42 with voters who want to be Americans, but Perry leads overall because of a 69-18 lead with the secessionists. It’s too bad for White that the secessionists don’t go so far as renouncing their right to vote in American elections or else he’d definitely be the next Governor of Texas.

Aside from wondering how many of those secessionists are sporting “America: Love It Or Leave It” bumperstickers on their trucks, I am once again amazed at how many people, especially Republicans, are just completely batshit insane.

Remember the Newsweek poll where 52% of Republicans said that it was at least probably true that “Barack Obama sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world,” and 59% said that he “favors the interests of Muslim Americans” over everyone else?  Or the CNN poll where 41% of them said that Obama was probably or definitely not born in the US?

Makes me nostalgic for the good old days when Republicans just accused Democratic presidents of being homicidal swindling rapists.  The GOP had integrity and self-restraint back then.

(h/t Burnt Orange Report)

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