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Late Night: McMegan Attacked by Gang of Economists

McMegan sports a purple hue in a feeble attempt at gang colors (from a photo by The Aspen Institute on Flickr)

As pointed out in comments below, McMegan is taking a beat down from a gang of economists (Eastside Keynesians represent, yo) because she is intruding on their turf. And badly at that.

This reminds me of this:

But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand how awful and terrifying it is to have expected a certain life, and have it stolen away from you by a fate you do not very well control. In June 2001 when I graduated from business school, I had a management consulting gig that was scheduled to pay over $100,000 a year and had just moved back to New York. Two months later, two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, killing a number of people I knew and leaving the rest of us traumatized. Four days after that, I was working at the World Trade Center disaster recovery site, trying to come to grips with what had happened. Four months after that, the consulting firm, having pushed back my start date twice, called my associate class and told all of us that our services would not be required.

I think it is safe to say that the consulting group, as well as their clients, dodged a bullet the size of a submarine.

(Added) I just want to quote aimai who, in DeLong’s comments, is slapping McMegan around so badly that McSuederman may be afflicted with a collateral damages concussion:

Megan can’t afford to understand anything that would lead her to advocate the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. She is paid to advocate for policies that advantage the wealthy. That her preferred policies uniformly and invariably disadvantage the poor, the working class, and the middle class is probably just lagniappe. Think of her as a corporatist remora. She knows she’ll never be a shark, but the scraps, even those from other remoras, are just too good to pass up.

As the kids say, oh snap.

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