(Personally, I think the Thompson Twins “Lies, Lies” would work equally as well as Fleetwood Mac)… but this is a good follow-up to The Buffalo Stance!

Dirigo Blue breaks down yesterday’s poll numbers here:

The cross tabs of those polled are what you might expect, although more of those survey claimed to have voted for John McCain that what was actually the case in 2008 (Obama won Maine by more than 17 points over McCain) – not a big deal.

But then you get to the age demographic, and once again, we see how things are skewed when pollsters use land lines to make their calls.

18 to 29: 9%

30 to 45: 21%

46 to 65: 42%

Older than 65: 28%

Now Maine does have the oldest demographic in the nation, but this is rather ridiculous.

I agree. For myself, I put more faith in 538’s Nate Silver, who broke it down as far closer. It is essentially a 2 person race with single digits separating LePage and Libby Mitchell.

Oh yeah, it is ON up here in Maine…