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Air Force Academy's alumni group cancels Veterans Day dinner honoring history of LGBT service in AF

This breaking news is not only discriminatory, it’s simply a no-class decision by the United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates.

OutServe, the network of actively serving gay and lesbian military members, was to be the sponsor and host the dinner along with Blue Alliance, an organization of gay and lesbian alumni of the Air Force Academy. The deposits on location had been made — the organizations had an agreement with the Association of Graduates to use the Association of Graduates building on Air Force Academy property for the event, and invitations had already been extended to Congress members, allied military officers, and leaders in the lesbian and gay community.

Just so Blenders know, Outserve had invited me to the event as a supportive member of the LGBT blogging community. I was looking forward to the dinner to honor those who have served in silence and to be able to liveblog the event for you. Now that’s not going to happen. Here’s why. (Denver Post):

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Howe’s comment is ridiculous – his problem is the dinner would have highlighted service by those in the Air Force who put their lives on the line for this country, even at the risk of being discharged for reasons that have nothing to do with performance or patriotism. The Air Force should be embarrassed at DADT, and holding the dinner would at least suggest that understands this sacrifice. It is turning the page and facing reality.

Removed for reasons associated with the Righthaven lawsuit against Pam’s House Blend

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