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Money Makes Democrats Stupid

The Republicans have many advantages over the Democrats: They have right-wing think tanks and media outlets that develop and disseminate talking points 24/7; they have right-wing churches that turn out in droves; they have near-unbreakable party unity and discipline in both houses of Congress; and they are willing to say and do literally anything to win.

But their biggest advantage over the Democrats is money.  Not because they have more of it, although they usually do.  No, it’s because their base is almost completely aligned with their corporate and wealthy big-money donors, while the Democratic base is the complete opposite.

Republicans can deliver their megadonors tax cuts, deregulation, corporate welfare, and protection from prosecution, all cocooned in a conservative narrative of supply-side economics, free enterprise, and independent frontier can-do spirit that their base just loves.

Democrats can’t do that, because there’s simply no way to spin pro-corporate, pro-wealth policies as congruent with progressive values.  The best they can manage is to play the DLC/Third Way game of pretending that capitulation is really some kind of principled pragmatic centrism which is the only way to win elections or get anything done against the all-powerful GOP and its 55 49 40 41 Senate seats.

Some of the base reluctantly goes along with this because half a loaf is better than the enemy of the good or whatever, but none of us are particularly happy about always settling for a compromise of a compromise of a compromise.  Think how much leverage Obama and the Democrats had after two huge electoral landslides, a huge Republican-branded financial crisis, and a huge congressional majority… and how little they did with it.  They didn’t deliver on progressive priorities because that wasn’t what their big campaign donors wanted.

And now they’ve failed so miserably, sold out so blatantly, demoralized their base so completely, and ceded the populist ground so thoroughly to the Tea Party, that they’re on the brink of losing the House and maybe even the Senate.  All of the Democrats’ kabuki to protect their corporate friends so they could rake in campaign cash and get re-elected will end up costing them their seats instead.  Because it is possible to fuck up so badly and so obviously that all the money in the world can’t save you.  Just ask the Republicans.

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