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From Dirigo Blue, more about LePage trying to buffalo Maine:

It’s amazing – even when Paul LePage is making shit up, he can’t get it right. There are over 40 species of black flies to be found in Maine, according to this study from 1979 by L.S. Bauer and J. Granett of the Department of Entomology at the University of Maine at Orono (pdf warning).

And while I don’t expect that LePage (who thinks the Maine Department of Environmental Protection is “very pro-environment”) would know this, but the large populations of black flies are an indication of clean rivers:

But there are now more black flies in more places in Maine, and the reason may be surprising: It’s the success of the environmental movement.

Many species of the gnat-sized insects are sticklers for cleanliness. When Maine’s rivers were filled with contaminants from paper mills and other industries, only the hardiest black flies laid eggs in them. Now, rivers and streams are progressively cleaner, providing ideal breeding grounds for the annoying pests.

Yeah, I know- but I just love this image!

I never thought I would say this… but hooray for “Maine’s Other State Bird”?

And… umm, Paul? By saying that the “Department of Environmental Protections is pro-environment”, you’re kinda saying water is wet. Just sayin’ dude.

(Oy. Teh Stoopid, it BURNZ…)

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Below the fold, how Tea Party Darling Paul LePage- who had Florida’s Marco Rubio come up to Maine to electrify the base for him at a Tea Party event– is now repeatedly on the record as lying repeatedly about seeking out the Tea Party!

The investigation of what police are calling a substantial drug-trafficking ring was made difficult by the fact that much of the illegal activity was taking place inside the Bob-In bar. “Today, we searched not only the Bob-In, but the residence of Gibryne Karter, the bar’s owner, in an attempt to find any evidence, including video surveillance, which will serve to strengthen this case,” stated Massey. Massey added that at this time, Karter has not been charged with any crime, although police anticipate issuing him summonses for a number of administrative liquor law violations discovered during the course of the search.


*ME Teabagger Gubernatorial Candidate Opens Mouth- and Spews Myths of Buffaloes and Black Flies

*Where in the world is Maine’s Tea Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Paul LePage?Not only is Paul LePage trying to back away from his Tea Party support, but he is now claiming to be confused as to why anyone would associate him with the Tea Party.


At this past weekend’s taped and not yet televised Youth in Politics gubernatorial forum, Paul LePage repeated a claim he’s made before – that he is not a Tea Party candidate.

LePage was asked by Leavitt if it would be difficult for him to attract Democratic and independent voters “with a possible more radical image through your association with the Maine tea party?”

“Well,” LePage responded, “I don’t know why you’re associating me with the tea party. I didn’t seek them, they’re supporting me.”

Roll the films…

Exhibit 1: November 2009

Exhibit 2: January 2010

Exhibit 3: Tax Day, April 2010

In this final one, Paul gabs it up like a true Tea Partier! And we’re supposed to WONDER how it is that he isn’t one?

Honest to goodness, I have never seen someone so determined to publicly shoot their own foot off before in a gubernatorial campaign…



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