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Late Night: BP to “Teach” Kiddies Environmental Science

graphic: PDXCreative via Flickr

Irony is coughing up blackened blood and gasping its last breath:

BP, the energy giant responsible for the largest offshore oil spill in history, helped develop the state’s framework for teaching more than 6 million students about the environment. Despite a mixed environmental record even before the Gulf of Mexico disaster, state officials included BP on the technical team for its soon-to-be-completed environmental education curriculum, which will be used in kindergarten through 12th-grade classes in more than 1,000 school districts statewide.

We here at FDL HQ were curious about the table of contents for this particular corporate-sponsored textbook. Not surprisingly, we found the following chapter titles:
Chapter 4: Oil and Water DO Mix
Chapter 5: Why Crabs Don’t Need Lungs, Anyway
Chapter 6: Identifying Food Poisoning
Chapter 7: Chapter 7 for the Life Aquatic
Chapter 8: How to Get Your Life Back
Chapter 9: How Big is the Ocean, Really?
Chapter 10: Chaos Theory – Why Accidents Are Unavoidable
Chapter 11: The Science Behind Using Chapter 11 to Blackmail the Government
Chapter 12: Public-Private Cooperation: Putting the Ass in Public Assistance
Chapter 13: Al Gore is Fat, Needs a BOP
Plus a special supplement for the Gymboree set: “Everybody Plumes”.
What’s next? Sarah Palin developing a geography curriculum? Or maybe Goldman Sachs-sponsored courses on Ethics and Morality?
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