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Transform the Economy by Investing in the PEOPLE and Knock off the BS

In my lovely local community, the downtown was granted renovation dollars to restore its storefronts. It looks absoulutely wonderful. Only problem is that the majority of these renovated buildings are empty.

The roads have been repaved from the economic stimulus money, and that is very nice. And, that new sidewalk and stone wall looks awfully nice over on 116. Only problem is the houses in town are starting to look a little (or a LOT) weather worn. No one has money for the leaky roof, the peeling paint, the tumble down porch. The American Home as infrastructure is starting to sag with the washed out foundation.

The non-stimulus ‘stimulus’ money administred in the last round to be a shot in the arm to the economy couldn’t have possibly revived this economy. The vast amount of money was transferred directly to the banks and wealth (and, oh, my oh my, record profits for the banks only two years after the worst offenders practices brought the economy past its knees to flat on its face). The small amount of investment in local infrastructure (paving roads seemed to compromised the majority of this ‘economic revival investment) could not possibly lead to any sustainable or long term solution for real recovery. Meanwhile, the majority of people lost jobs, downgraded jobs, lost property or homes, lost savings, sold assets, cashed in severely devalued 401ks. The transfer of wealth relentlessly continues as the American people are held hostage to a corporate system of never ending penalty fees and raised interests rates. And, that doesn’t even begin to consider the stealing of wealth from the people to float the leech infested waters of the American medical system, a system strengthened and renewed under the corporate health insurance wet dream bill…uh I mean health insurance reform.

Meanwhile, Obama gives a labor day speech talking about tax cuts for small businesses and the middle class. One note, and clearly invested in keeping the modern day class system of peasants and wealth firmly intact.

It is tempting here to say that Obama is clueless, but I don’t buy that line. Barack Obama and his minions in Congress are BOUGHT. This President once supported single payer and he once opposed the Iraq war. He is not stupid nor clueless. He is doing the job he was hired to do by the corporations who purchased his campaign. Period. The health insurance companies who paid 18 million dollars for his election campaign wrote the current health insurance reform behind closed doors. Goldman Sachs who paid the campaign several million invested their money well, as their boy Timothy Geithner holds the key position of Secretary of the Treasury.

Obama has certainly secured a firm committment of dollars for his next campaign from these corporate criminal thugs. Only problem is the voters who elected him to do precisely the OPPOSITE (including shamefully, myself, I definitely should have known better, the signs were all there) aren’t much motivated to come out and support him or many of his junior thugs in Congress.

Bit of a catch-22.

So, Mr. Obama (or more likely, one of the people who monitor this site from Washington to keep tabs on what the opposition from his own base is saying)…if you happen across the post, here are some ideas that actually would revive your Presidency and support from the American people….


Micro not small business are the majority of start ups in this nation. And, many that might succeed simply can not weather the debt and expensive of the start up venture. Five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars grant money for micro businesses could help create tens of thousands of jobs across the nation. My husband attempted to start a auction hall in our local community and the business did quite well for a first year start up. Not well enough however. He needed about 10 thousand dollars to grow and transition the business, but he could not get a loan, so it went under. We put all our money into it, he employed 2 people for a year and also would hire out extra on auction days. If he had a grant, I have no doubt that the business would be viable today.

The fact is that millions of people who might be able to build small micro businesses don’t have a shot in hell at the chance. The loan qualification process are very strict and small business loans do nothing for the millions and millions who have had the credit destroyed by this economy. Many people who might use their ingenuity and creativity to help grow the economy are shut out. And, millions more will not risk the little security they have by trying to finance a business venture. You want to create jobs, you have to put the money into the hands of people who can create jobs community by community. INVEST in the micro businesses and entrepaneurs who can rebuild local economies town by town. Grant money for viable small businees WITHOUT a nightmare bueracratic qualification process should be a key part of the country’s economic investment. And, for those who are trying to create slightly larger scale businesses – no interest loans and DROP the credit score criteria and stop holding the recovery hostage by this now meaningless number.

Second, give people money to restore Americans HOUSING infrastructure.
Home improvement grants would give a huge shot in the arm to spending and it would increase the real value of homes across the nation. Millions of people desperately need help replacing a inefficient furnace that is on the brink of breaking, repairing the sinking foundation of an old home, painting/siding their home to protect the exterior infrastructure of the home, roof repairs, leaks…we need an investment in our housing stock. Home improvement grants would create jobs as it would employ plumbers, electricians, carpentars, painters, retail sales clerks at hardware and home improvement stores, craftsman, and many other professionals.

Third, STOP transferring the money from the poor to the rich. Stop predatory lending. End the scam fees and penalties from the banks. Stop the credit card loan sharks from charging usuary rates and reset everyone’s credit card debt to 8 percent across the board. Geithner admitted the other day that the home foreclosure prevention plan was meant to give banks money and not prevent foreclosures, so obviously that program needs to end. Fortunately, it would not be complicated to institute a real and simple solution that would benefit EVERYONE immediately. Reduce mortgage across the board to no more then 6% interest, force the banks to allow payment deferments for any reason for at lest six months and give people time to catch their breaths.

Increase food stamp allotments immediately. Our four county food bank in a relatively low population area now serves 108,000 people and they can’t keep up with demand. Feeding the people is a good investment and a good idea.

Legalize marijuana, and allow the growth of hemp as resource.

Invest in pre-school education programs and parental education and resource services.

Pay for it by ending the wars & increasing taxes on those who actually possess 95% of the wealth. The new tax base created by these investments will also offset the cost and provide government income in the long term.

And, keep your hands off social security and pay our elderly back their investment.

Protect the people, help the people, and stop selling your soul for your own power. You might be shocked to find that is the only way to keep it anyway

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