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Fierce States’ Rights Warrior Rick Perry (R-TX) Requests Nearly $1B in Aid from Oppressive, Socialist Federal Government

The Secessionist talks a big game. He loves to prance around playing Jefferson Davis, complains endlessly about the federal government’s “power grabs” — and is constantly bragging about how well the Texas economy is doing. Our tax dollars even pay for a website called “Texas Brags” which begins,

Thanks to Gov. Perry’s work to keep taxes low, provide a pro-growth regulatory structure and implement solid economic development incentives, the Texas economy remains strong in the midst of a national economic cool down.

Uh-huh. We’re doing so well, in fact, we can’t afford to pay for our schools.

Texas has applied for $830 million in federal education dollars intended to help schools through the recession.

The Texas Education Agency submitted the application a day after Gov. Rick Perry sent a letter to school administrators saying restrictions placed on Texas in the federal law “make it unlikely for your school to receive these federal funds this year.”

Hey, at least he’s consistent. He also bragged about Texas’ “balanced budget” while quietly covering his massive shortfall with $12B in stimulus money.

Notes Michael Landauer at the Dallas Morning News,

Rick Perry has increased Texas’ dependence on federal funds and decreased our own ability to cover basic government services. The Lone Star State has become less independent under Perry, not more.

The Secessionist talks like a cowboy but in reality, he’s a big welfare queen. How does he keep getting away with it?

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