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Scott McAdams Campaign Taking on the Aura of the Rebel Alliance

I met briefly with Democratic Party U.S. Senate candidate Scott McAdams last Thursday, in Anchorage. Today, he’ll be out in the Mat-Su Valley, the Alaska heart of the Darth Vaderesque Koch Brothers’ astroturf organization, known as the Tea Party Express. Out here, the day before our late September primary election, dozens of 3/4-ton diesel pickup trucks and Humvees raced around with 4′ X 8′ Jim Miller signs on top. Two of them sported large Confederate flags. One sported a huge Israeli flag, next to a much smaller American one.

Scott will be spending today – Saturday of Labor Day weekend – out in the lair of Sarah Palin’s rise. Inside the unfinished Death Star.

This morning, he’s meeting with the executive committee of the Mat-Su Democrats (a body from which I resigned early in the summer). Then he will be meeting people at the very wet, rainy Alaska Fair. After that, local fundraisers for other candidates.

All this is good. His campaign was sort of taken over at the beginning of this past week by members of Sen. Mark Begich’s staff, a few of whom have taken leaves of absence until Scott’s team is in place. Mark’s staff have gone from vaguely open to me and my blog to fairly hostile as I was the first of the Alaska progressive bloggers to challenge WTF Mark was doing in DC. Soon afterward, Shannyn Moore and The Mudflats started to openly question many of Begich’s actions in the Senate. I’ve been told his staff hold me responsible for that. Others think Begich’s staff hoped to get us alienated, so as not to be vulnerable to being labelled liberal or progressive.

Scott wants to run a campaign aimed at the huge bloc of non-aligned voters here who already prefer him by a substantial 22% margin over Joe The Teabagger Miller. But Scott is far more progressive in his thinking than is Sen. Begich. Though he’s genuinely grateful for the help the Begich staffers and statewide Democratic Party organization is giving his campaign, he doesn’t want to lose his own ability to maneuver by being locked into how they might want him to perform over the next 58 days.

One of my main fears is that the DSCC is going to take over aspects of the public image of McAdams’ campaign the way the DCCC took over issues ads related to Ethan Berkowitz’ AK-AL U.S. House race in 2008. Their on-air ads were so bad, they may have cost Ethan 10,000 votes and the election. Scott’s race against Miller will be very tight.

Scott might be in better hands with progressive on-line fundraising, local guerrilla ads and spontaneous youtubes like this one, than with DC-oriented crap:

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