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Gibbs defends the President as 'mainstream Christian' after Glenn Beck accusations

Haven’t we been down this incredible path before? Why does it matter what Glenn Beck (or any one in the right-wing noise machine) says about the President’s faith or lack thereof? This is playing right into the hands of the fundies…again.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says President Barack Obama is a “committed, mainstream Christian” – contrary to the claims of Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck.

Beck recently claimed that Obama practices a version of Christianity that is not recognized by most people. Beck says this “liberation theology” is all about “oppressors” and “victims.”

And here’s the direct exchange from the White House Press Office transcript of today’s briefing.

Q    Robert, for the last four days, Glenn Beck has criticized the President for believing in liberation theology, which he calls a Marxist form of Christianity.  I’ve got two questions.  One, does the President, to your knowledge, even know what liberation theology is?

MR. GIBBS:  I don’t know the answer to that.  I will say this, Bill, a crude paraphrasing of an old quote, and that is people are entitled to their own opinion, as ill-informed as it may be, but they’re not entitled to their own facts.  The President is a committed mainstream Christian.  I don’t — I have no evidence that would guide me as to what Glenn Beck would have any genuine knowledge as to what the President does or does not believe.

Q    When is he going back to church?

Q    So this Marxist form of Christianity —

MR. GIBBS:  Again, I can only imagine where Mr. Beck conjured that from.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding