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While Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller Complains about Federal Government, Alaska Swims in Federal Dollars

Here’s The Quitter’s cabana boy, Teabagger Joe Miller, after successfully purging Lisa Murkowski from the US Senate.

Now is the time for all Alaskans to come together and reach out with our core message of taking power from the federal government and bringing it back home to the people. If we continue to allow the federal government to live beyond its means, we will all soon have to live below ours.

But Alaska is already “bringing it back home to the people.” It’s the biggest welfare state in the union – by far.

Today the Census Bureau has released updated figures on how much each state receives in federal funding per capita, and once again Alaska came out on top. […]

Alaska received nearly twice the national average, taking in $20,351.13 per resident, the most of any American state. The state with the second-highest total in per-capita federal funds received was Virginia, at $19,734.

20K per resident! That’s more than half the per capita income of Mississippi.

So will Joe Miller put an end to all this federal welfare that his state’s getting? Or is he just another Red State hypocrite, denouncing “pork” while greedily gorging at the federal trough?

I’m gonna go with “B.”

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