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Richard Land: Crazy for God

Don’t know if you caught it but that lunatic Richard Land was on All Things Considered last night trying to simultaneously state that, while he doesn’t accept Mormonism as a Christian religion, it’s totally OK with him that Glenn Beck is a Mormon, and he was oh-so-happy that Beck’s little weekend shindig "featured" Rabbis and Imams and Rastas, oh my! (OK, I made up the bit about Rastas.)

All of which put me in mind of George Carlin…

I don’t know about you, but I have just about HAD it with these FUCKING CHURCH PEOPLE. You know what I think we should do with them? TAX THEM! If they’re so interested in politics and public policy let ’em pay the fucking admission charge like everybody else!

Then, lightning-like, it struck me! All we need to do to bridge the gap between heathens and fundies – thereby ensuring the advent of progressive policymaking (even if by the backdoor) – is for the heathens to GET RELIGION. Specifically, to start their own! After all, if Beck’s goofball crazy sect isn’t repugnant enough to chase the Southern Baptists’ arbiter of ethics from the stage, surely he’d be fine with, for example, "The First Church of Queer." Or how about "The Seventh Day Abortionists." And of course "The Holy Church of the Shrinking Middle Class."

I’m only half-joking. When Robert Seigel asked Land if there was a particular moment he could point to when "America went wrong," Land missed not one beat and replied (apparently with a straight face, it’s hard to tell on radio), "The Sixties." Then he elaborated about the steep rise in divorce and the breakdown of the traditional blah blah blah.

The Sixties. Of course! You foul, foul hippies – now driving your Land Rovers and flying your private planes and lobbying for the continuation of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. This mess is ALL YOUR FAULT!

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel