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NH Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte threatens arrest over “Bad Blood” book, movie questions

Kelly Ayotte threatens arrest over Franconia shooting & "Bad Blood" book and movie questions at public rally:

She’s Sarah Palin’s best friend.
It’s scary.
Lots of Republican money.
Can’t get past them, like Scylla and Charybdis

Kelly Ayotte’s refusal to answer questions and closed-door politics is a huge issue because former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Sarah Palin are best friends, and I believe Ayotte has received the most Republican money this year to make certain she is elected. I have reviewed many emails to and from Ayotte I received from a source, and many many rational, professional people, some even employed by the State of New Hampshire, have sought information from her while her staff refuses to acknowledge the requests.

I am thinking of a way to provide some of these emails without disclosing my source. At any rate, If she beats the other Republicans — with whom I have discussed her antics — she’s is almost certain to beat Paul Hodes unless there is a HUGE Democratic rally.

Dorothy Aufiero is the Producer for Boston Strangler writer and former WBZ reporter Casey Sherman’s screenplay "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

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