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Harry Shearer’s New Film Decries Pres. Pinocchio’s Lies About Army Corps’s Culpability re Katrina

Harry Shearer’s New Film Decries Pres. Pinocchio’s Lies About Army Corps’s Culpability re Katrina — by NormanB

Harry Shearer’s new documentary is "The Big Uneasy."

The Army Corps of Engineers dug canals that killed the marshes, and underwater canals for Oil rigs. Those canals and inadequate levees made the un-natural disaster that followed Katrina, the flooding. A builder sued the Army Corps after being ordered to build sub-standard levees that he knew would fail. The Army Corps won and forced the builder to install the levees that he knew would fail:


All teachers in New Orleans were immediately fired, and all N.O. schools were replaced by the disgraceful for-profit schools (like the ones that ruined the Chicago school system), that President Obama and his bankrollers favor.

Instead of evacuating the impoverished citizens in advance, the Government shipped Black residents of N.O. hundreds of miles away, after it was over … so far away, states away, redrawing the demographics, resulting in the election of Mitch Landrieu, the first White N.O. mayor since his father Moon Landrieu left that throne in 1978. Mitch L. is the brother of the notorious Oil puppet, Senator Mary Landrieu.

Obama’s speech in New Orleans did not address the Army Corps’s culpability, in fact, he pretended it didn’t exist. By ignoring what actually happened, he continued the cover-up of the many police murders of N.O. citizens in the days immediately following the flood. He did not address the looting of the N.O. school system. He did not address the internationally televised torture of Roger Davis, a black resident of New Orleans returning weeks later whose torture by N.O. police, FBI & Blackwater personnel is shown below.

Police there threatened the reporters covering the torture. Mr. Davis tried to bring a case against those responsible, but, of course, as his case approached, he suddenly got dead.

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