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FDL Movie Night: Cowboys and Indians The Great Diversion

Tonight’s filmmaker Danielle Agnello comes to us with two films, her first feature Lime Salted Love, a dark surreal look at loneliness and the things we do to avoid it and the dark secrets that got us there; and her just completed short Cowboys and Indians: The Great Diversion which shows up anti-immigrationists as morans.

Lime Salted Love was written and co-directed by Danielle who also co-stars in the film. It’s tragedy of love and secrets, very different from Cowboys and Indians which shows the idiocy of Tea Party/Minutemen types with their own words.

Danielle’s focus and vision as a filmmaker have always been a strong component of her personality, and she has worked hard to make her visions as reality. She has stories to tell using an ear for dialog and compelling visuals, as seen in both films.

Cowboys and Indians makes its debut here on FDL Movie Night, and given the fun we have had with Tea Partiers over the past year and half and the genuine effort progressives put into changing the hearts and minds of our less open fellows, it is an honor to have Cowboys and Indians.

Cowboys and Indians reminded me of two very important things: The Dream Act which allow undocumented students the same rights as students citizens; and the need to improve our school systems across America so that spelling and grammar are learned and critical thinking is celebrated.

“Speak English” is kind of dumb coming from a native English speaker who can’t spell a word on a sign or–colloquialisms aside–correctly conjugate a verb during a conversation, mangling the language beyond reasonableness. The illiteracy level in the US stuns me on a regular basis, and with a lack of literacy comes the inability to think for oneself and willingness to be spoon-fed narrow ideas.

So here’s to better education for all, and with it compassion, love and care for those who work to America better, including immigrants, their children, and descendants of immigrants. Because for the most part, isn’t that what we are?

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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