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Dr. Jekyl. Mr. Hyde and Glenn Beck

O.K. I have to admit it. I watched the complete Beck Rally on Cspan this past Saturday. It was like watching Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde. Beck was displaying a split personality. The somewhat reasonable poor loving, charity filled person that Beck was channeling on Saturday was distinct from the hate mongering Beck that he channels on his program. Beck appeared to be a reasonable person trying to encourage the nation to move forward, grab a hold of the future, accept personal responsibility, tithe, look at our own short comings etc etc. Now while I personally object to this "move forward, next chapter" cheer leading without seriously acknowledging the tragedy in Iraq and other very serious crimes committed during the Bush administration. Beck actually sounded somewhat sane.

He even said several times "The U.S. has done some really great things and some really terrible things" He actually said this. While all of the invoking of Jesus etc was way over the top for me. As if there are no other religious beliefs in this country. Beck did provide a platform for one African American speaker after the next, along with a Native American, Hispanic speakers etc He shed some light on the history of racism, class issues etc on Saturday. The very issues and hatred that he endlessly foments on his program every single day. He rubbed his face in his own crap.

Clearly he and his team knew many would be watching and waiting for his standard litany of his anti Islam, racist, class remarks that are a trademark on his program. They chose a well thought out strategy.

What I want to know is where has this Glenn Beck been? And will Beck go back to channeling Mr. Hyde on his daily program? Or has he turned over a new leaf in life?

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