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Tea Party Sheds the Libertarian Fig Leaf, Goes Full Fundie

by M.V. Jantzen

“America today begins to turn back to God.”Glenn Beck 8/29/10

We should all be thankful to Glenn Beck and The Quitter, because they’ve finally ripped the “libertarian” mask off the Teabaggers — once and for all.

If there was a single theme at yesterday’s Beckstallnacht rally in Washington, it was Allah.

“I’ve been stunned,” said Land, who directs public policy for the Southern Baptist Convention and who attended the Saturday rally at Beck’s invitation.

“This guy’s on secular radio and television,” Land said Saturday, “but his shows sound like you’re listening to the Trinity Broadcasting Network, only it’s more orthodox and there’s no appeal for money … and today he sounded like Billy Graham.”


“I feel the Republicans and the Democrats are the same people who own all the horses in the race.” He said that he favors candidates of any party as long as they are “biblically based.”


Gerald Chester, a truck driver from Elkhart, Ind., said he came because of Beck. “What he is about is a good thing, restoring honor,” Chester said. “Bringing God back into Americans’ lives is important.”


Catherina Wojtowicz, 41, is one of those who traveled to Washington to see Beck and Palin. She arrived in the capital yesterday wearing a T-shirt that carried Palin’s name and “Babies, Guns, Jesus.”

Demonstrating, yet again, that the Teabaggers are nothing new.

These are the same people who rallied behind Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and helped elect Ronald Reagan. They’re the same people who spent the 1990s — while poverty and the federal deficit went down — parked on the Clinton White House lawn with pitchforks and torches. And they’re the same people who were Bush/Cheney’s biggest cheerleaders and Karl Rove’s most loyal shock troops.

Moral Majority, Christian Right, Tea Party, tomato tomahto.

The biggest beneficiary of the new and improved Beck-Quitter Christianist Tea Party? Willard “Mitt” Romney.

You see, Willard belongs to a dangerous Satanic cult the Mormon Church, and no doubt, Beck the Mormon will help him with the Evangelicals, now that he’s “one of them.”

Sucks for you, Huck.

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