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Food Activist Censored By BP’s Christiane Amanpour Show

Food Activist Censored By BP’s Christiane Amanpour Show — by NormanB

The show has very little credibility as far as I’m concerned. Sponsored by BP.

First segment: Two gut-the-education-establishment ideologues (Bizarro Education Secretary Arne Duncan & DC Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee) supporting the Obama Administration’s plan to fire thousands of teachers and put profiteers in charge, ganged up against American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. Sleazy Chicago "education" profiteers who helped pay for Obama’s campaign must be overjoyed.

Second segment censored: English nutrition activist Jamie Oliver explained how England changed school lunches and improved national health by changing standards, but ABC censored his words. He gave examples, beginning with the improvements forced on McDonald’s: He got as far as mentioning free-range eggs, then, in mid-response, he was replaced by 30 seconds of a commercial. His face reappeared on the screen just as his response ended.

Round-table segment: Amanpour and her guests discussed the fictional "Recovery." The show’s propaganda headline specifically touted "Recovery." BP must have been pleased that the panel avoided talking about the Oil spill or climate. Obviously the panel couldn’t speak on the economy, since they were pretending "Recovery."

It reminds me of the late-1980s supposed "Recovery" late in the Reagan Administration: Every day, most news reports told us that the "Recovery" was going well, and that we would begin to feel effects of the "Recovery" in a few months.

For BP’s segment, the Oil company spokesperson claimed that BP is in there helping the Gulf "Recovery" for the long haul. But the truth is that BP is fighting against reimbursemenmt, retribution, "Recovery" and reconstruction tooth and nail. Its money dispersor, appointed by BP Rep. Barack Obama, Rip-off Czar Ken Feinberg, announced that his formula includes paying people who permanently lost an ancestral business about one-and-one-half years’ worth of income. Their family owned it for generations, it’s taken away forever. One-and-one-half-years’ worth oughtta do it!

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