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Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. ~Garrison Keillor


Back to normal, whatever that means, at Chez Tigre.

Tuesday, I took Kismet in for her 2-month follow up on her red blood count. Over the weekend I noticed she was eating less and thought she was having dental issues. When I first took her to the vet after I got her the vet said she was gonna need some dental work. With all the stuff that’s gone on with her over the last year, though, the dental work had to be postponed. I told him my suspicions about her teeth and it didn’t take him long to say that we needed to extract some of her teeth. Her blood count was in the high normal range so that issue’s resolved. Soooo, Wednesday morning she goes back to the vet and that afternoon comes home minus 5 teeth. Coupla real doozies came out. The vet’s office makes up a dental record complete with photos. Those are fun. She’s eating better and I don’t think her mouth is bothering her much now. I had 4 doses of an oral pain killer (Buprenex Bupernorphine, 0.25ml, q12h) and boy did she hate that stuff. Don’t have to worry about her becoming a junkie.

Last night I was sittin’ at the table listening to the Rays/Red Sox game (Rays, 3-2, walk-off homer bottom of the 10th) and I noticed Igraine in the window sill, head under the window crank, butt in the air and her tail hangin’ over the edge. Gotta get a picture. I come back out and she’s sitting up. Damn. So I sit back down and put the camera on the table. A month or so ago there was a storm brewing and we could hear the thunder in the distance. Skoshi and Maste are the only ones afraid of thunder. It starts raining and the thunder is getting closer. Igraine is lying on the dining table corner and there’s this lightening flash fairly close and real bright. Igraine is off like a shot. I’ve seen it a couple times since. I don’t think I’m goin’ too far out on a limb sayin’ that I think she equates the flash from the camera with lightening flashes. If I pick up the camera she splits. I followed her around with the camera in my hand and she tried her best to get away from me. I put the camera away and I could approach her with no problem. She can also hear the camera motor from at least 8 feet. She stretched back out on the sill and as soon as I powered the camera up she sat up. If I picked the camera up…. This picture was 2 hours in the making. When I picked the camera up she did a half turn but didn’t get up. I put the camera in my lap and waited for her to lay her head back down. When she did I pulled the old cough trick as I powered up the camera. Worked, by damn! She turned when she heard the click before the flash.


Yellowsnapdragon’s buddy Nagi? About 20 seconds. He and Gabby are such hams.


Mojo? About a minute and a half. He didn’t want to turn around for me. Bein’ a cat.


Tama is the same way as Igraine where the camera is concerned but I’m not sure what the cause is. He and Bapu were on the table grooming each other and I wanted to get a picture of the brothers for Elliott. Pick the camera up and Tama’s off to the bedroom, followed by Bapu. Damn. Tama is soooo photogenic. He’s also stitchinfool’s fave.

When the Great Tao was abandoned,
There appeared humanity and justice.
When intelligence and wit arose,
There appeared great hypocrites.
When the six relations lost their harmony,
There appeared filial piety and paternal kindness.
When darkness and disorder began to reign in a kingdom,
There appeared loyal ministers.

Tao Te Ching, 18, Lao Tzu

Share your tiger stories with us.

Kittens believe that all nature is occupied with their diversion. ~F.A. Paradis de Moncrif

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