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Peggy Noonan: Obama’s Failing Because “He Doesn’t Fit Any Categories”

She’s just recycling trash now. A couple years ago, Nooners had a column titled “The End of Placeness” in which she asked,

OK, quick, close your eyes. Where is Barack Obama from?

Two years later, apparently, it’s still Obama’s “otherness” that’s tripping him up.

When the American people have looked at the presidents of the past few decades they could always sort of say, “I know that guy.” Bill Clinton: Southern governor. Good ol’ boy, drawlin’, flirtin’, got himself a Fulbright. “I know that guy.” George W. Bush: Texan, little rough around the edges, good family, youthful high jinks, stopped drinking, got serious. “I know that guy.” Ronald Reagan was harder to peg, but you still knew him: small-town Midwesterner, moved on and up, serious about politics, humorous, patriotic. “I know that guy.” Barack Obama? Sleek, cerebral, detached, an academic from Chicago by way of Hawaii and Indonesia. “You know what? I don’t know that guy!”

He doesn’t fit any categories.

Shorter Nooners: Obama’s inability to conform to comfortable stereotypes (why can’t he act more like a Negro?) is driving his poll numbers down.

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